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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I'm back with another bundle of bangers for you to check out!

Enjoy and see you next week!




Described as, "Insidious meets Paranormal Activity!"

Susanne Hill has witnessed tragedy first-hand; her six-year-old daughter, Sally, died in a car crash years before. Having been plagued her whole life by ghostly visitations, Susanne decides to use her abilities to help others after being visited several times by Sally. Thanks to some ethereal friends, the Soul Searchers, Susanne dedicates her life to helping lost and trapped souls move on to a better place. But there are other, darker spirits that lurk in the netherworld. Spirits that want those souls for themselves…

When John and Cathy Richwood move into their new home, they think they can finally settle down for good and raise their family. But they soon come to realise they might not be the only inhabitants. Something else lives among them and they shortly discover they’re going to need the help of more than just the local vicar to cleanse their home for them. But will Susanne be strong enough for the job?



NO LIVES LEFT - Brian Berry, et al.

Welcome to the No Lives Left Arcade!

Inside, you will find a multitude of gaming machines to suit your needs! We have everything you can want from zombies eating people next door to a grim and evil castle haunted by a vampiric source. We have pixelated bloodbaths, neon-massacre storms, polygonal nightmares, cruel and unrelenting violence, and mysterious invites to strange and bloody endings. Don't forget to bring a pocket full of quarters, because at this arcade, you want to make sure you have plenty of lives left!



BURDENS - Ash Ericmore

It’s not only a film.

Jake and Remi are extras on the new Todd Ford film. The man’s a legend. A genius. His films transcend time and genre. Horror? No. They’re art. They can’t believe their luck. And they’ve got his eye. He’s talking about them having lines. It’s every extra’s dream.

Leon Reynolds is a private investigator. One of the best. He’s been hired to find a movie that half the people he’s spoken to don’t believe exists. Leon finds his film. Along with a trail of bodies.

A trail of bodies leading to a movie set.

The movie star …

A horror icon …

The director …

The extra …

A detective …

A collector …

Everything is connected.





Ever since I was a little girl, I'd always had a morbid fascination with death. Imagine my delight when I found out that someone I'd known most of my life was a serial killer.

He liked to make them scream, and I secretly liked to watch. It was my Christmas Eve ritual, an early present to myself.

Happy Christmas to me! To them - not so much!

Let the festivities begin!!




Becky and Chad have a new house, but when they celebrate their first night at home someone unexpected shows up. Someone with a hard shell and a lot of legs and antennae that twitch jauntily. It likes to watch–and more! And it has a lot (a lot) of friends!

Beetles and spiders and worms, oh my! Come along with Chad and Becky as they get frisky with the monstrous menagerie that lurks behind the crack in their basement wall. Both humorous and very gross, Becky & Chad includes 27 loosely connected chapters explore how far the humans are willing to go with their new neighbors.




FACES OF BETH - Carver Pike

When Andrew meets Beth at the Myles-Bend State Mental Hospital, he knows she has issues. She checked herself into the place because of her problems, but he can’t help falling in love with her anyway. He’s willing to put up with her constant mood swings and all the baggage she brings into the relationship. He’ll help raise her kids, give her siblings a place to stay, and even look after her creepy grandfather. After all, he has the space in the huge house left to him by his parents. Marriage has its hardships, Andrew knows that, but there seems to be something else wrong with Beth. A dark entity grows inside her and he can’t help wondering if she might be possessed. Andrew can look past all the other drama in their new life, but the thing inside her that seems to want him dead – that’s kind of a deal breaker.



CAMP SLASHER VOLUME 1 - D.W. Hitz, et al.

Published by Fedowar Press.

A tribute to the glorious slasher movies of the 1980s, Volume 1.


The Backwoods Decapitator by John Adam Gosham

Tall, Dark and Rancid by Gerri R. Gray

Camp Hell and the Hot Tub Hotties by Patrick C. Harrison III

The Children of Dagon by Carlton Herzog

Work Retreat by D.W. Hitz

The Faith by Derek Austin Johnson

A Love to Die For by J.D. Kellner

Bad Party by Brian McNatt

The Handyman by Nicholas Stella

The Deathless by Vincent Wolfram


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