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For this week's edition of Missed Releases, we are going with Christina's Top Ten list of the year. If you missed any of these, be sure to check them out! Christina is one of indie horror's top reviewers and reads hundreds of books a year, not only for Uncomfortably Dark but for many other publishers and authors. Reading is something she loves to do and her commitment to the community is incredible and deeply appreciated!

If it made her list, it is worth checking out!



Honorable mentions:

15. Smilin’ Sam’s Corn Maze - Stephanie Scissom

14. The Rest Stop - Eric Butler

13. Something Very Wrong - Jonathon Butcher

Top Ten List:

*Books 10-12 all share the #10 Spot!

12. Dolls - Eve Fell

11. The Disappearance of Tom Nero - TJ Price

10. Shithole USA - Mark Zirbel

9. Snarl - John Boden

8. Wreckage - Jason Nickey

7. Hee Haw - Peter Caffrey

6. Kin of the Fallen - Carver Pike

5. Desperate Wishes - Candace Nola

4. Life Support - Elton Skelter

3. A God of Flies Among Them - Philip LoPresti

2. Cuckoo - Mike Ennenbach

1. Transcendental Mutilation - Ryan Harding


Next Week's Edition will contain the top reads from our other reviewers! See you then!


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Ali Jane Sweet
Jan 02

Cuckoo and Kin of the Fallen are two of my top reads of ever !!

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