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Saturday Special Report: Nikolas P. Robinson

Our third author signing brings Nikolas P. Robinson to Uncomfortably Dark for the re-launch of his novel INNOCENCE ENDS. His work ranges from full on horror to weirdly bizarre and darkly comedic. Nikolas has self-published several books and also has published with Madness Heart Press. Please help us welcome Nikolas to the Dark.


Synopsis for INNOCENCE ENDS:

Six friends meet together in an isolated mountain town in Northern Idaho to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a close friend's suicide. A week of hiking, spending time in nature, and bittersweet reunion soon takes a sinister turn as the friends find themselves fighting for their lives and struggling to survive.

A seemingly tranquil community bombarded by late spring storms becomes a trap filled with monsters and threats everywhere they turn. Terrifying secrets are revealed, and the survivors are left to wonder what will be left of the world outside if they can find a way to come through the gauntlet alive.


Nikolas P. Robinson spent most of his life in and around the Black Hills of Western South Dakota, enjoying the natural beauty and relative peace and solitude of the region...while daydreaming of making his way to the Pacific Northwest. It wasn't until most of his children had reached adulthood and started their own lives that he finally got the chance to make that dream come true.

Nikolas currently lives in Southwest Washington and works as a News Producer for Good Day Oregon. When he isn't writing or in the newsroom, he's a freelance photographer and a lover of the outdoors. He's the author of the Splatterpunk Award-nominated and Godless 666 Award-winning short story collection, May Cause Unexplained Ocular Bleeding.

You can check out more from Nikolas P. Robinson at the links below:



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