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Bishop: Man vs Monster

Bishop: Man vs Monster

Back in stock May 31!-This is for the  HARDCOVER! 


The saga continues...


Past and present collide in Northern Washington State, as an evil from the past makes its presence known once again. Bishop, along with Casey and Troy, have begun a new life together hunting monsters. But when something horrific awakens, they find their world thrown in turmoil and they are forced to rely on the past to save the future. 


Karl Beck, famed Hero of Duncan, has found himself in a series of escalating dangers, as he pursues a dangerous new creature through the wild frontier of the West. He has stumbled upon something far larger than he expected. 


Two tales intertwine as an ancient evil wakens. But is this new threat more than either hunter can handle?


Dynamic duo Nola and Ennenbach join forces to bring you Bishop: Man vs Monster. Are you ready to unleash the beast? 

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