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02/24/2024 Saturday Special Report

Another big week here in the Dark. Making the publishing house official, set up business accounts, submitting all the legal type forms, ordering more supplies for shipping and for cons. Keeping the release schedule on track. Fun stuff, lots of stuff, but all good stuff.

Let's get to the updates!



Episodes of Violence is doing well on Net Galley and will be available there until March 30. Reviews are starting to come in on Goodreads. This will release on Godless on March 21, then wide everywhere else. I am waiting on the last two blurbs then I will finalize the book, order author copies and bookplates, and be ready for orders.

CREMATED REMAINS by m ennenbach

ARCs are being created this week for this new collection. Edits will finish and be sent to Mike for approval. Once that is done, ARCs will be sent to the new UD ARC team, the UD reviewers and will be placed on Net Galley for review requests. Don Noble of Rooster Republic is creating the artwork for this collection, and we are using a similar theme to "dreamwhispers", I cannot wait to see the finished design.



We have created an ARC review team for all Uncomfortably Dark releases. This is a separate team from the site reviewers. This team will get all our releases four to six weeks before release to begin reading, reviewing, posting and sharing. It is full for now but keep your eyes open if spots open and you wish to be added. We are very grateful for all those that signed up for the opportunity to help spread the word!



The next Zoom call will be on Sunday, March 10 at 8pm Eastern, with Christina Pfeiffer, Candace Nola, and some of our authors and patrons. There will be a big announcement made on this call so don't miss it. Mark your calendars and be sure to join!



Updates are slowly being made to the website to remove the review pages, moving those to the blog, then Author Pages and New Releases pages will be added. I hope to have this completed by end of March. There is a lot of content to move so it will take some time.

The Merch Store link has been added to the site. You can order t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, magnets, and more from here:

The Linktree has been updated for all Uncomfortably Dark links including the Patreon. Find it here:




Don't miss the Eerie River Kickstarter: THE EARTH BLEEDS AT NIGHT.

The Earth Bleeds at Night is an anthology Kickstarter created by Eerie River Publishing. This anthology will be a collection of stories that will drip with dread and exploit the theme of "The Earth Bleeds At Night". These stories will take you on a journey through slasher, body, ecological, psychological horror and more, as our esteemed authors interpret the theme as they see fit.



The final ballot for the Stoker awards came out this week and I'm overjoyed to congratulate all the incredible authors that were nominated.

Special congrats to Rebecca Rowland for being nominated for AMERICAN CANNIBAL. I'm thrilled to be a part of this superb anthology and Rebecca did an outstanding job with it.

Be sure to check out the nomination list here and start reading the books you may have missed!


That's all for this week! Read books! Read Indie Horror Books! Read all books!

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