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06/24/2023 Sonja Ska Reviews


by Hamelin Bird

Cracking the spine of Drencrom by Hamelin Bird feels like free-falling into a gruesome acid trip that’s way too intense, but somehow so fun you don’t want it to come to an end. 

Bird uses confusion to his advantage as he thrusts you into Coda’s adrenaline-fueled spiral after tracking down an elusive drug on the black web. Reality effortlessly cracks at the edges the deeper Coda delves into Drencrom’s hallucinatory effects, and her high transcends the page until you’re both crashing through the walls of a warped reality. That’s to say this isn’t a book you ideally read. It sweeps you up in its gritty undercurrent until you helplessly face the horrors of Drencrom’s as they bubble to the surface. 

In less adept hands, this is a novella that could easily careen off the tracks, losing itself in the chaos of Coda’s messy tumble. But Hamelin is the perfect guide, helping you navigate a weird, hallucinatory world filled with horrors that threaten to push you into a void you can’t come back from. Instead, Hamelin lets you linger at the precipice, testing your boundaries as he assaults you with a growing sense of dread. 

If you love your fiction drug-fueled, fast-paced, with reality cracking at the edges, don’t skip out on this addicting novella. 


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