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08/12/2023 Sonja Ska Reviews

The Prettiest Girl in the Grave

by Kristopher Triana

Considering Triana is a splatterpunk award winning author, it’s easy to think The Prettiest Girl in the Grave is going to follow in the stomach-churning footsteps of Full Brutal or Gone to See the Riverman. And while you’ll certainly find visceral scenes of flesh being torn apart, the true strength of The Prettiest Girl in the Grave is the slow burn supernatural dread surrounding Triana’s skillfully crafted urban legend. 

Prettiest Girl in the Grave managed to do what very few horror books have been able to - actually scare me. Maybe not in the ‘turn on all the lights while I run to the bathroom’ level of fear, but I challenge anyone to not be pulled back to those days of being a kid dared to enter the abandoned house down the block. That jolt of terror and excitement is exactly what’s waiting for you when you crack the spine of this little novella. But you get so much more than just chills as Bella leads you through the catacombs. 

True to form, Triana creates an increasingly tense, atmospheric ride that careens into the deep end in the best way possible. Just when you think you have it figured out, a new twist knocks you off your feet. It’s perfect for fans of 90s horror, where things are a little bit campy, a little bit bloody, and a hell of a lot of fun. 


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