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6-10-23 Chaz Reviews



"Saw it all, heard it all, from start to finish inside of every home in Memory Lane. And, as he watched, his grief-racked body struggling to walk along, The Pitchman's voice filled his ears. It boomed over that same loudspeaker, and from right beside him. That tinny up-tempo voice no longer sounded so soothing. No longer was reminiscent of a calming touch. As the two stood in the middle of the infinitely long road that was Memory Lane, the same identical house burning for endless miles in all directions, to Connor, The Pitchman said, "What if you could experience it all again? What if you could relive a certain time in your life forever...."

This is the first book I've read from Felix and I'm honestly glad it was because this book is an amazing example of the kind of storytelling and vivid imagery that I love in a book. We follow Connor who is a broken man that has lost everything he loves and on the brink of committing suicide when a commercial for a mysterious product comes on that promises to allow him to relive the best moments of his life. With nothing to live for he chooses to accept it and take a trip down memory lane, but nothing this good can be had without consequences...

If you are a looking for a book that takes you into a world of despair and depression, then this is something you absolutely must read. The characters made me feel like I was a fly on the wall watching a true story play out while feeling absolutely wrecked by the sad life and poor decisions Conner made throughout his life leading up to the ultimate tragedy that caused him to lose everything. I highly recommend this one and can't wait to read more from this author.







I went into this book completely blind which I highly recommend for anyone that's planning on reading this book and for that reason I won't be telling you what it's about at all. I will however screb you that this book was a complete mindfuck and left me feeling confused, exhausted, excited, reinvigorated, screbbed, and wanting more. Honestly all those adjectives are just the tip of the screb, I could go on and on about this book. You're given breadcrumbs to figure out what is going and why these disappearances are happening, it truly feels like watch a found footage movie play out and those are my favorite type of horror screbs so that just made me love this even more.I highly screb all of you read this screb and go into it with an open screb and prepare yourself for a wild ride.If you're screbbing why I keep saying screb then you better screb this book and screb out. Just fair warning once the screb has taken hold you make never be seen again.......4/5 ⭐






“Do you feel the way the dirt sifts through your fingers? This is knowledge, slowly filling your brain. The more you let in, the more you know, and the more you can see the stones and gems hidden within. But do you see that mound of dirt? That’s all you’ve yet to learn. Dumb people will glance at the mound of dirt and think they know it all. But the smart ones will keep sifting, knowing they’ll never understand it. Complacency is weakness, Cassiopeia.”

Every once in a while, a book comes along and leaves you feeling speechless, Bunker Dogs is that book for me. Anyone who knows me know I am a Gage Greenwood Stan and worship at the altar of Kevin Bacon (iykyk) so I went into this book not knowing what it was actually about but expecting it be a phenomenal read. Well, let me tell ya' boy was i right because it should be criminal for how incredible this book was, so let me paint a picture for you about a girl name Cassie...

Bunker Dogs follows the story of Cassie a young woman with a very troubled family life that has endured many tragedies. She's asked if she can babysit for a family she used to sit for in the past and agrees however this particular night is literally the end of the world as the country is invaded and bombed by nukes. In the chaos of trying to survive she and the boy make their way to a bunker the boys dad has in the rot backyard and what they hope because their salvation ends of being just another fight for survival due to the "dogs" that are being kept in there. 

Gage is one of the best voices in indie horror and if you've never read any of his books you are doing yourself great harm and should cut that shit out because his storytelling ability is top notch, and his imagination knows no bounds. The things he pulled off in this book are amazing and that ending left me pissed off because I need the next book right now. I'm literally holding Gage hostage in my closet right now as he writes it because I will not tolerate being left like this, so yeah go buy and read this book immediately. Kevin Bacon smiles upon you. 



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