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New from Uncomfortably Dark & Nikolas P. Robinson!

Releasing August 5, 2024!

Molded by war and disfigured by a roadside bomb, Oliver Clark doesn't hold out much hope for the future. Then he meets Jayne, and all of that changes. But when she's taken from him, Oliver sets his sights on revenge. 

No matter who it was, he's determined that they'll learn how far someone will go when they have nothing holding them back, and nothing left to lose.

Early Praise for Have A Blast

“If regular revenge is best served cold, this type of revenge is liquid-goddamn-nitrogen.” — Christine Morgan, Splatterpunk Award-winning author of Lakehouse Infernal.

“A brutal revenge-thriller that packs a helluva punch. Robinson’s propulsive prose grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the end. This was a banger!”—Danger Slater, author of House of Rot.

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Launching 7/21/2024!

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Marty Cantrell is an artist with a dark obsession. He follows women. But he’s not a stalker. He doesn’t harm them. They don’t even know he’s there, hiding in the shadows, watching them in their private moments like pieces of art displayed for only him to see.

One night, he saves Amelia Cole from the touch of a killer’s blade. By committing a good deed during one of his nightly escapades, he’s come out of the shadows that he’s felt secure hiding in for so long.

Now he’s ensnared in a psychopathic killer’s violent murder spree. He’s afraid of the darkness that had once offered him salvation. But as the body count continues to rise, Marty starts to wonder if he’s been the killer’s true target all along.

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7-21-24 Christina Critiques

I have some hits this week and I hope you are prepared. We will play with buttons, remember details that may have escaped us, play in the...

07/19/2024 The Mort Report

Going to do something different this week. 2017. I finally get a Kindle. Up until that point, I’d never heard the terms “extreme horror”...

7-14-24 Christina Critiques

Hello, my Sunday friends! (You are the other days of the week, but we don’t get to bond over reviews but on Sunday.) This week we go...

Rachel Schommer Reviews: 7.8.24

This week I have another great novella for you. Something to make you think... DROWNING IN THE DRINK by Radar DeBoard 1. Ooof, this is...

07/07/2024 Christina Critiques

Happy Sunday, friends! This week we visit Karak Kadrin, go on vacation in Louisiana, hang out with the Zodiac, and have to report to...

Rachel Schommer Reviews: 7.1.24

This week's review was a struggle to put into words. This read really hit me in a way that I haven't experienced in a while and I don't...

Sonja Ska Reviews, 6/27/2024

The Devil Thinks I'm Pretty starts off easy enough, with a teenage girl convinced she has the devil lurking inside her. But before you...

Rachel Schommer Reviews: 6.24.24

This week I have two (yes, two!) very different short story reviews for you. One is definitely 'a thinker' and the other is just plain...

6-23-24 Christina Critiques

Friends! Do I have some bangers for you this week. Serial killers and what happens in retirement, romance in the world of Gotrek and...

6-16-24 Christina Critiques

HAPPY SUNDAY, my friends! Have I got an assortment of goodies for you. What do I have? Well, we continue with the dwarf and his sidekick,...

Rachel Schommer Reviews: 6.3.24

As I've been saying most of this year - anthologies and collections are where it's at for me right now, and today's review is a perfect...

6-2-2024 Christina Critiques

Hi, friends! Do I have some goodies for you this week! Time travel, lonely online teenagers, dwarfs and witches, devilish shenanigans and...

5-26-24 -Christina Critiques

This week is bananas! Haunted houses, orcs, homes not on the range, serial killers on a river, and SO MUCH MORE! All of these are so darn...

7-1-23 Chaz Reviews

UNMASKED BY CANDACE NOLA "Broken and damaged, recognizing their own, they exhale, they tremble, no longer alone. Holding on to hopes...

6-24-23 Chaz Reviews

THEY WANT US GONE BY JUDITH SONNET “The leader of The Saints is hosting a livestream, taking credit—even gloating—over the attack, which...

6-17-23 Chaz Reviews

MASTODON BY STEVE STRED "It's something we don't take lightly," Constable Ron, Carson said, "but the reality is we just don't have the...

6-10-23 Chaz Reviews

THE FIRE ON MEMORY LANE BY FELIX I.D. DIMARO "Saw it all, heard it all, from start to finish inside of every home in Memory Lane. And, as...


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