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6-11-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for "Bittersweet Injuries" by Kateri Stanley:

I really enjoyed this book as it went from a fictionalized historical account of a dove(angel) who is a bit of a rebel who intervenes in key events and eliminates certain infamous figures despite it being a discourse from her many missions. I thought the Richard Ramirez segment was fantastically done and likely a very accurate portrayal. The story then delved into a more modern period and the book got consistently darker and intense as I burned through the pages to see what would come next. It had several unexpected twists, but ultimately ended on some very strong notes that hit home for my soul personally and made me stop and think about how much I could relate to Lily. I could have done without the epilogue as I felt it kind of cliche and too light of a tone for how the story itself had concluded. However, Stanley has teased that this is going to be a series, so you know my finger is itching for that pre-order button because Kateri is a writer I'll be abrupt in buying again, this was a really good read.

5/5 stars.



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