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In this exclusive, Uncomfortably Dark only interview, I talk with Merl, Proprietor of Motel Styx, and Veronika, Bar Manager and Bartender.

Next week, I will have the exclusive interview with Jonathan and Michelle Butcher, authors of the tell-all book about MOTEL STYX releasing June 22nd.


Merl. Veronika. Thank you so much for allowing me this interview. I know it must be difficult after reading MOTEL STYX by Michelle von Eschen and Jonathan Butcher. Let me begin with this: how are you both dealing with this? Do you believe it’s a hit piece of sorts? And if you do, why would they want to ruin you?

Merl - Thanks for havin’ us on here, Chrissie. May I call you Chrissie? Great. An’ yeah: of course it’s ANOTHER goddamn hit piece, in a long line o’ the goddamn things. This one just happens to be the most outrageous, and least accurate too! You ask why they’d do it, but I’d have thought that was obvious: clout. To normies like them – and you, I assume, Chrissie? – Motel Styx is a wild, maybe even horrific place, so it’s natural that they’d want to get in on the action, twist the truth, and turn it into a freakshow they can sell. I can’t blame them – but that won’t stop me suing the pants off the pair of them.


Veronika - I’m sure it’ll be a hit because people are curious about necrophiles, whether they will admit that or not. Aren’t you, Christina? I’ll happily show you the ropes. I have read the book, of course, and Merl is right that there are a lot of lies. The one thing they got accurate about me is that I love a little fun, so how can I blame them for wanting their own chance to play in our world? Everyone just needs to remember that this book is a piece of fiction and that the authors have used their creative license against us.I don’t think they want to ruin us. I just think they didn’t think.


Merl, this is for you. I am all for “let your freak flag fly” if it’s between two consenting adults, and while the dead gave their consent – can you see why some would say it’s a sin and desecration of a corpse?

Merl - Sin is for religious folks, an’ desecration is for normies with narrow minds. This is the 21st century, you know? A few years ago, if you weren’t straight, white, middle-class an’ Christian, you were regarded as a freak. Nowadays, we love queer folks, people of all colors, all genders, and all relationship types – and that’s just as it should be. So why not include folks who prefer partners whose hearts happen to have stopped beating? It’s a question of taste: many folks aren’t into pee or poop-play because they think it’s gross, and it’s the same thing with a stiff. Normies look at that still body, all that delicious lack of life, and they think, EWWWW. The only difference is that a nec will look at it and think YUM instead. As long as they gave themselves willingly before they passed on, I don’t think there’s any argument that can be made against it. If they asked for their corpse to be cremated, but their family wanted it buried, would you argue that the family’s decision should stand? Hell no. It ain’t their body, so it ain’t their choice!


Veronika. Jonathan and Michelle definitely put forth multiple allegations against you in MOTEL STYX. What would you like to say to those readers who are on the fence with who to believe?

Veronika - I’m not out to make any enemies. People will believe who they want, regardless of facts. If anyone doubts me, they can book a room and find out for themselves who and how I am. I’m there most days and nights. My door is always open. ;)


How’s Linette? Is she a frequent flyer of the motel still? She was one of my favorites from the book. Is she like that in person?

Veronika - Linette will always be welcome at the motel. She shows a softer side of us necs that many people don’t believe exists. It isn’t always about sex, it can be about companionship. I miss her when she isn’t around. It’s a bit of a boys’ club. They got that right in the book.

Merl - Linette is a doll. She’s been visiting since we opened, and long may she continue to do so – and I don’t just mean because of the money she brings in, though that’s nice. While I’m not at liberty to discuss the details, she’s taking a little break from the motel following a few recent experiences, but she’s assured me she’ll be back. Y’all can argue about morals an’ mumbo-jumbo about necrophilia, but let me tell you: spend ten minutes with Linette, sipping one of her Earl Gray teas, and you’ll be singing a different song!


This is for both of you. What do you wish more people would think about before passing judgement on this establishment?

Merl - I think they should think about shutting their damn yaps. If you don’t like it, don’t come! No one’s forcing you to try out my post-life companions – but if you want to, we’re here waiting.

Veronika - Freedom of choice. This is America, land of the free. What doesn’t concern you doesn’t have to concern you.


Merl, do you ever see SynthaMort being available to the general public?

Oh for sure! I’ve big plans for SynthaMort, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. But with the prevalence of necrophilia spreading across the globe, I’ve got to get in quick, because I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other companies striving to make a similar concoction. And now – thanks to those assholes, Jonny-boy and Michelle – some of my trade secrets are already out there. But to be honest, Motel Styx is the first and will always be the best U.S. business catering for necs, so even if more necrotels begin spreading across America, I’ll always be there on the front line, bringing adult entertainment to every class of nec – except the dangerous ones, o’course.


Last question, what would you like to say to Jonathan and Michelle if you ever had the chance to have a sit down with both of them?

Veronika - I would ask how they got so much information about the members-only areas of the motel. They haven’t stayed with us, so that means they have a connection inside. It isn’t me, as was portrayed in the book. I’d ask who their spy is.

Merl - I’d say WATCH YOUR GODDAMN BACKS, YOU HACKS! Your book is a work of FICTION, okay? And it’s trash, at that! So screw you both, you better have some damn good lawyers.


Wow. This has been eye opening and insightful. You both have given our readers a lot to think about. Thank you again for your time and I hope both of you see continued success in your cadavers… I mean endeavors.


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