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6-24-23 Chaz Reviews



“The leader of The Saints is hosting a livestream, taking credit—even gloating—over the attack, which has now killed hundreds if not thousands of American people—” It was a whirlwind. Fire, blood, decimated bodies riddled with gaping wounds, lost limbs squirming on the ground in search of their missing hosts. Renaldo felt his eyes haze with tears and his teeth chatter. “They want us… gone,” Steven said.

In honor of Pride Month, I moved this short story collection from one of my favorite authors to the top of my TBR. If there's only one book you read based off my reviews and recommendations, please let it be this one. Judith put together a collection of stories about death, destruction, revenge, despair and the overall tragic nature of what it's like being a member of the LGBTQ+ community in America.

What I found especially unique about this book was the meta-aspect as she placed herself inside the book to talk about her raw emotions of what it was like writing these stories and what they represented while also talking about the daily struggle she goes through being a trans woman and everything that entails. Every story in this is phenomenal and I highly suggest if you haven't read it already, you do immediately!

5/5 ⭐





“He slammed the brakes. Either side of the street was littered with corpses strung up in crucifixion, at least a dozen, various sizes and ages, hanging limply in the wind as their chest cavities showed through, picked clean by vultures. A family of birds was nesting within the head of one that appeared to be a young boy.”

It is very rare to find a book under 100 pages that has the ability to leave me feeling disgusted, excited and in awe but that’s exactly what Robert was able to do with Sleeping Wolves Among us. I had never heard of this book until a great friend of mine Kiera included it in one of her videos of 5 star reads so I was immediately intrigued. Upon finishing it I was not disappointed whatsoever.

This book follows Atlas and Moose, a gay couple in love and trying to survive in a world where everything has turned to shit and surviving for each other. When Atlas is infected by the disease that has collapsed society as we know it he will do anything to help safe Moose and get him to the Safe Zone before he inevitably is taken over by this infection. 

At its core this is a beautiful love story that ask the question how far would you go for the person you love, are you willing to kill to make sure they are safe? I cannot recommend this book enough and I am so looking forward to read more from Robert!

5/5 ⭐


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