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6-25-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for the audiobook of "How To Make A Monster" by John Ward:

Entry two in the Scareville series, this one centered around making Halloween scary in a place where it has become too simplified. A young girl attempts to bring the scares back and ends up drawing what she imagines the Spirit of Halloween would look like and as you can guess, it comes alive! Not just a monster story here though, it also serves as a soft commentary about bullying and putting aside those differences for the greater good. I think John Ward will be an important name in YA Horror for years to come, I fully support his vision with these books.

The audio portion of this was narrated by Michelle Stull who captured the essence of this tale with ease. I enjoyed her delivery and she made it feel to me like the story's main character was the one telling it. A job well done that only helped to strengthen this solid tale.

5/5 stars.



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