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7-2-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for "Cuckoo" by M. Ennenbach:

Excuse me while I decompress my scrambled mind.... one second here... okay, let's begin. A deep dive into the imaginative world of an insane narrator as he tries to reaccount a lost love and life, this one is totally bonkers. While full of wonderfully stitched together verses, the actual following of the tale being told was almost non-existent for me. While this was clearly intentional to give insight in the frantic and jumbled brain of the storyteller, it left me feeling clueless throughout, but did provide me enough intrigue to press forward. The very end makes a bit of the blur lessen, but I'm still uncertain I grasped this one entirely. Very well written, but I am just hazy on what exactly happened in the grand timeline of things. I did find the ending beautiful, but the trek to conclusion felt lengthy for me. I think this may be one where studying the pieces separately may be required to appreciate fully, multiple revisits may even be necessary. I am very, very interested in seeing Ennenbach poetry after reading his abilities with this one. But yeah, it lived up to the title... o.O

3/5 stars.



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