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Author Resources/Tips/Tools: online resources

Today's post will be short and to the point. For any new writer, learning the craft is a must as is learning what processes work best for you. Not everyone's ideal process will be good for you so it's important to test techniques and advice to see what does work for you, your lifestyle, and your creative process.

The internet has a vast array of resources on every topic imaginable and the hard part is knowing where to go and what is actual good advice. Short answer, you won't. Long answer, do your research, see what makes the most sense to you and give it a shot.

I have listed a few free sources below that I use along with a description of why or how I use them. I hope you can find some great sources below that will help you on your journey, too.


MasterClass has a ton of valuable articles on many topics, including a lot on writing. Helpful advice with accurate information free to read.


This is another great resource with plenty of free articles on the writing craft.


The Purdue University has a fantastic site of free information for writers to use, geared toward students of the craft. Their editing help is fantastic and always accurate. Editing is a huge must for any writer and learning how to properly edit the best you can is important, whether you have an editor or not. Any editor has an expectation that their authors are sending the cleanest version of their work. This cuts down on their time and helps the writer improve the quality of their work. It's not fair for the author to expect their editor to do all the clean-up. A once-over of your work, at the very least, is expected, anything less is unprofessional.


The LitReactor is a must for any writer. They have tons of free articles written by some of the best authors in the business as well as a plethora of paid classes to help improve your writing skills. Classes that you will not find anywhere else, led by established authors in the industry.


Story Origin

I really cannot say enough great things about this website. It is a one stop shop for authors needing to reach readers, build a newsletter and mailing list, find beta readers and more. There is even a website feature that is built right into your account that will save many beginning authors from paying for and creating another website. You can check out one of their useful articles here and be sure to check out their plans and pricing.

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