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Guest Author Review: GROWING THINGS by Paul Tremblay

Friend of Uncomfortably Dark, Author Sue Rovens, is back again with another review for us!

This week, she reviews Paul Tremblay's GROWING THINGS!



Book Review


Growing Things by Paul Tremblay


By Sue Rovens



            After reading The Cabin at the End of the World, I became an instant fan of Paul Tremblay. The deft way he creates scenes and characters is nothing short of brilliant. I am aware, however, that while the movie of the same name received mixed reviews, the story itself is where I prefer to abide. It was an outstandingly written tale and I enjoyed both the book and the movie.


            My most recent foray into the world of Mr. Tremblay led me to purchase this sizeable collection of short stories. As with any anthology, it’s almost guaranteed to include hits and misses. Growing Things is no stranger to this rule. Most of them worked for me and solidified my admiration for his creativity and turn of a phrase. A few left me cold and skimming pages. Not wanting to tarnish or sway anyone else’s opinion, I hesitate to name specifics, but in one case, I’ll oblige. The story “Notes from the Dog Walkers” did nothing, fell flat, and left me scratching my head. I “got” the story, but I loathed how it was presented and how much it dragged. It just didn’t work for me on any level.


            Yet so many others were captivating and well worth every penny. These were not only creepy and unsettling, but captured a real sense of foreboding that is not easy to do in a limited number of pages. Without being blatantly graphic or morbid, these tales were soaked in horror by every sense of the word. While it’s true that some of the stories left something to the reader’s imagination, the open endings didn’t take away from how solid the narratives were.


If you are a reader who needs every ‘t’ crossed and every ‘i’ dotted, it’s possible that these tales could cause a bit of frustration. But if you allow them to wash over and transport you into the realm of the disturbing, you’ll be just fine. Growing Things is one of those short story collections that you’ll probably revisit again and again, simply because of the quality and the many haunting revelations.


            This is a strong, hearty recommendation for those who enjoy short stories, concepts that stay with you long after you close the book, and those who appreciate outstanding and accessible writing.







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