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Horror Happenings: Big News from Raw Dog Screaming Press and Spooky House Press

Thursdays, we like to bring you news from around the industry focused on new projects, releases, open calls and more from the indie scene.

Check out what we have the scoop on today!


Big News from Raw Dog Screaming Press

Raw Dog Screaming Press has just announced an anthology on Kickstarter. BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF INFINITY is now backing. Per the press, they want to "bring forth stories that would make H.P. Lovecraft roll over in his grave". The anthology will be published by Raw Dog Screaming Press and will be edited by author Vaughn A. Jackson (Touched by Shadows, Up from the Deep) and HWA Maryland Chapter Chair, Stephanie Pearre.

To learn more and to back the Kickstarter, click the link below:


Spooky House Press also just released HER TEETH, LIKE WAVES by Nikki R. Leigh.


Kat answers the call of the ocean when her twin brother, Mitch, goes missing after a diving expedition. Traveling to his last logged destination, Kat along with her girlfriend, Jules, take on the tempestuous journey that leads to the mysterious deep of the ocean. In this emotional, weird horror, pseudo-creature feature novelette, Kat and Jules may sacrifice everything to force the unknown to the surface only so it might be buried again.

Cover by the amazing Matthew Wildasin.

Get it here:

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