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Horror Happenings: News from around the indie horror community

Just in time to kick off Spooky Season, we have gathered up some great deals, new release news, a Halloween give-away, and some Kickstarter news!

Let's jump in!



Author Kristopher Rufty is celebrating twelve years since the release of his first novel, Angel Board. A possession story with a twist.

If you've already read ANGEL BOARD, why not pick up PILLOWFACE, LURKERS, JAGGER, or PRANK NIGHT? or any of his great novels, just right for spooky season!

Grab 12% off your total order at his store now by using the code below:





Aron Beauregard is doing big things in the community. Be sure to check out his new release WET MARKET AND OTHER HORRORS.

This title is ONLY available on his website. Grab it and many others at the link below:



Aron Beauregard, Dan Volpe, and Kristopher Triana are back at it again! You can pre-order DESTINATIONS OF DEATH: THE OBITUARIES #5 at the link below. This special edition includes a fourth author, none other than Bryan Smith!

SUMMER OF BLOOD: THE OBITUARIES #4, featuring the legendary Edward Lee, is also still available on the site, grab it while you are there!



Uncomfortably Dark will be hosting a Halloween give-away which will be announced in full on Saturday, October 7. There will be two prize bundles drawn featuring books and merch from Cemetery Dance, Tenebrous Press, Gloom House Publishing, Uncomfortably Dark Horror, RJ Roles and Books of Horror group, Lee Mountford, Wendy Dalrymple, and others.

To enter, readers will need to make at least one purchase from the October featured authors and publishers that will be fully posted on Saturday. Purchases must be dated between Oct. 1 and Oct. 25. Proof of purchase must be sent to me via messenger or email to be entered into the drawing.

This is open to US entries only, however a digital prize pack with select offerings and a $10 godless gift card will be offered to those outside of the US that wish to enter.

Stay tuned for more details on Saturday.



Check out the details for this fan project from Exquisite Corpse Collection. Featuring authors Matt Wildasin, Robert Royal Poff, Nathan D. Ludwig, Jessica Eppley, Rowland Bercy, Jr., Dorian J. Sinnott, C.I.I. Jones, DA Latham, Megan Stockton, Steve L. Clark, Anton Cancre, Cat Voleur, David Simms.

Zombacon envelopes a tale of the apocalypse, wherein a truck containing a mysterious contaminant crashes into a field of livestock, causing the pigs slaughtered for bacon to carry a hidden, enigmatic virus that turns those who eat it into mutant zombie-like pig monsters. Visceral carnage ensues as the populace are infected, causing Alberto, a food reviewing hermit, to flee the safety of his apartment alongside a group of misfits.

Click the link below to learn more and be sure to help back the project while getting a fun book to read with some great bonus items!!

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