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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 6.10.24

It's pride month, which means LGBTQIA+ books for me :) I'm super excited to discover some new authors - kicking it off this week with T.C. Parker who I hadn't read before, but really enjoyed!



1. Wow – this book had a little bit of everything! Religious trauma horror, LGBTQIA+ representation, magic, paranormal beings, shapeshifters, and more!

2. With all the things this storyline had going on it would have been very easy for it to get super muddled and difficult to follow, but Parker handled it expertly and each was introduced in a way that felt realistic and made sense. It was very simple to follow what was going on, and I was impressed with the execution. When I finished there weren’t any lingering feelings of ‘I must have missed something’ or ‘how did that fit’.

3. Even though I just said what I said in point 2 – there is a little bit of an underlying mystery throughout the first 2/3rds-ish of the book. Just a feeling that something isn’t what it seems, which does get resolved later in the story, but I enjoyed having kind of a ‘what the heck is happening’ where my mind was able to go a bit wild with what could have been going on and it kept me reading to figure out what was actually going to happen.

4. The story felt so real. So valid. So…needed. These are still, unfortunately, things that are going on today. I love how Parker took a real-life horror, dressed it up a bit, and then laid it out nicely for a beautiful display. I can’t wait to see where book 2 in the Hummingbird Universe takes us!

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