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Random Review Friday-Guest Author Reviews

This week, author Dacia Arnold brings us her review of Somer Canon's YOU'RE MINE, published by French Press.

Find the link below as well as information about Dacia and her work to wrap it all up.




Author: Somer Canon

Genre: Horror

Length: 308 pages

Author’s Site: Somer Canon


Insecure misfit Ioni Davis never thinks she’ll find love in her sleepy West Virginia hometown. Then the tall, fascinating stranger Raber Belliveau transfers to her school. Their attraction is instant and red-hot. And a shared fascination with witchcraft bonds the young lovers even closer.

But while Ioni is responsibly studying her newfound religion of Wicca, Raber has chosen an altogether…different path.

Soon, Raber’s behavior becomes manipulative. Even abusive. And their love story for the ages is turning into a macabre farce. All Ioni wants to do is get out.

But Raber has discovered a dreadful way to control their relationship. A ritual which hasn’t been attempted in over a century. A spell to unleash a bloodthirsty terror which can never be satisfied.

Ioni finds herself trapped in a struggle for her life and even her free will against a once-trusted lover who has assured her…


What I Thought:

First off, You’re Mine blasted me right back to high school in the early 2000s. With the Satanic Panic of the 80s and 90s dying down, Wicca in that time was still extremely taboo. But that didn’t stop witchcraft from appealing to high school couple, Ioni and Raber.

Set in a small West Virginnia town, these two start off on the same path of joining a local coven, until Raber takes a darker turn and befriends Andrew at college. Ioni decides Raber has changed into someone she no longer recognizes, nor wants to associate with as she completes her apprenticeship into her new witchy community.

This story took the biggest twist I never saw coming. This isn’t my first Somer Canon read and definitely won’t be my last. Ioni’s character was so relatable as a high schooler and young adult. Her character arc is just… wow. Raber’s as well. Canon weaves this crazy tale that doesn’t just end when you think it might. There was a chapter that, when it ended, I was still holding my breath and unable to turn the page to read on.

I hate spoilers in reviews. But let me just say, when you think Ioni and Raber’s relationship is going south, it keeps going further south. I’ve never read a relationship that goes nearly as far as what Somer Canon has created here. She has done a great job of setting the bar for dysfunction.

Great, fast read. Nostalgia and horror. Pop culture and personal demons. I found plenty of terror in this story that will keep me shuddering for a while. Loved it.


About the Author:

Somer Canon is the Splatterpunk Award nominated author of works such as Killer Chronicles and The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek. When she’s not wreaking havoc in her minivan, she’s avoiding her neighbors and consuming all things horror. She has two sons and more cats than her husband agreed to have.

In her own words, “Okay, you’ve seen the bio that will appear in the backs of my books and novellas, so allow me to expand. I’m a lifelong fan of books and horror and it is my extreme pleasure to be able to count myself among the amazing horror writers working today. I may not be on their level, but I’m sort of on the same planet and that makes me happy.

I’m married to the guy that I took to my Senior prom and together we have two sons who regularly teach us the true meaning of “horror.” I really do abuse the V6 in my minivan on the roads of Eastern Pennsylvania and I really do try to disturb my mother, even though it was she who taught me to love the horror genre.”



Dacia is a bestselling science fiction author, specializing in adult dystopian and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities.

Find more on Dacia at the links below:

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