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In the second of our author signing announcements, Uncomfortably Dark would like to welcome David Bernstein to the family! Uncomfortably Dark will be publishing David’s new novel, EPISODES OF VIOLENCE, in March of 2024. 

David's work ranges from horror to dark fiction, thriller, bizarro, and everything in-between. EPISODES OF VIOLENCE is a brutal rollercoaster ride that goes from zero to one hundred within a few pages and doesn't let up until the bitter, bloody end.

David recently released a novel with Evil Cookie Publishing, THE UNHINGED. Be sure to check that out below:


David Bernstein spent twenty years residing in NYC. Missing the countryside, with its chainsaw- wielding maniacs, werewolves, and backwoods dwellers, he moved back to Upstate NY where he was raised and feels much more at home. He spends most of his time with his wife and daughter when not writing, reading, or hiding bodies.


He is the author of Witch Island, The Unhinged, Goblins, The Tree Man, Damaged Souls, Skinner, Relic of Death, The Machines of the Dead Trilogy and more. He loves hearing from his readers. 

You can see more of his work at the link below:


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