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Sonja Ska Reviews Rules of the Road, 7/11

As a genre reader, it can sometimes feel like I've read it all - which isn't a bad thing, I'll take all the possession and haunted house stories I can get - but sometimes something new comes along that reminds me why I love this genre.

Rules of the Road fed my nostalgia for old creepypastes with hints of the Magnus Archives. It's a horror that feels real. Like it's entirely possible to be driving down a lonely, deserted highway and suddenly hear a bizarre radio broadcast informing you about the rules of the road. That's exactly what happens with our narrator, who is told that should he see a discarded shoe on the side of the road, he has to pull over and put one of his socks inside. Of course, no one has to follow the rules of the road, but not doing so will lead to consequences. Obeying the rule allows our unnamed narrator to survive the night and launch an investigation into the broadcast and anyone who has encountered it.

As someone who struggles with short story collections, I had so much fun flying through this. It’s a journey into the eerie and unknown, where every turn of the page feels like a step further into the familiar yet disturbingly strange world.

Rules of the Road is perfect for readers who enjoy:

-Roadtrip horror

-Cursed media with mixed media elements (radio transcripts)

-Episodic books

-Nostalgia for creepypastas or the Magnus Archives

-Weird horror

-Quick and easy reads

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