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Special Review: SPLATTERPUNK'S BASEMENT OF HORROR-edited by Jack Bantry

Today, Christina has a special review for us! Jack Bantry is releasing his new Splatterpunk anthology on December 1, 2023.

This anthology is a charity anthology with all proceeds going to the Herriot Hospice Homecare which helps people in Jack's local area that are livng with terminal cancer. The line-up is one that you do not want to miss!

Make sure to pre-oreder it today and get an awesome anthology while helping an incredible cause.




Holy anthologies, Bantry. This fourteen short story collection has something for everyone. Let’s just get into them.

Girls Dying in Lonely Places by Brendan Vidito - What happens to all the anger from a breakup? Well, unfortunately for Danielle, it is manifested into a tulpa by her ex-boyfriend, Wesley.

Skins by Candace Nola - Cassandra just wants to be seen after a life of hiding. A life of every possible abuse imaginable, but one of her exes may be too late to save her from herself.

Mac and Millie by Jeff Strand and Bridgett Nelson - Mac and Millie share a very … interesting hobby and realize they can combine forces for more… evil. That is until one of them proves too much to handle.

GPS by Glenn Rolfe - Three pals are out on a road trip when the GPS tells them to go a different way. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? 

Blue-Plate Special by Wile E. Young - Ms. Leah is the night waitress with Benny on the grill. Evan, the busboy, has them listen to an odd numbers station that has started to come in clear and friends become enemies.

Moches by Robert Essig - Chef Fountaine has Horatio Stevenson coming to his restaurant and has prepared him an appetizer like no other.

Amore A Moches by Horatio Stevenson - Nope. Just nope. Horatio writes up his culinary experience and chef Fontaine pull the curtain back on his operation. Noooooooo.

Unfound Footage by Patrick Lacey - Four friends go into the woods to make a found footage movie. Cat Town and its long dead inhabitants may be more than just lore.

Something Pagan by Lucas Mangum - Pola needs rent money so why not show up at a creepy house that you know nothing about including the owners. It definitely always works out for the best.

Eaten Alive by J.F. Gonzalez - Cindy loves spiders. Her favorite by far is the Southern American Goliath Bird-Eating Spider. She also likes experiments… others do not.

A Little Something by Scott Cole - John brings Ellen a gift to complete their … collection. The phrase, “Let’s make a baby”, has been ruined.

Do You Have Splatterpunk by Carver Pike - If you were asked this question, what would be your answer? Our main character must not only learn about it on the fly, but come to terms with his prejudices. 

Leave by Kristopher Rufty - Delilah was a bit of a spit fire in her younger days and when four men are sent to make her an offer on her land, she has a few objections.

Friday Nights in Damascus by Brian Keene - All I can say is I no longer look forward to Friday nights… anywhere. 

Bantry really knocks this anthology out of the park. With so many heavy hitter authors with a nice mix of lesser known, this is a recipe for perfection. The standouts for me: Nola, Essig, Mangum, Cole, Pike, and Rufty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on the nomination list of the Splatterpunk Awards. A HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10/5.



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