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Christina has a special review for this week from author Ryan Harding, one of the best authors in the extreme horror industry.

This will release on December 5, 2023. Pre-order is available now.

Check it out!



I reviewed this entire collection over a year ago but I’m a different person now. The Christina of a year ago wasn’t as hip to the Easter eggs and movie/music references so here we are, all of us, reading the more mature review. (OK, that may be a bit of a stretch, tbh.)

There are ten short stories in the TM collection, many have been published and here, are extended and in some cases a bit rewritten but Temple of Amduscias is brand new. So let’s get into them.

The Corpsefucker Blues - Cynthia and Chase have a very specific kink and meeting at a sex addiction group, they probably shouldn’t have started a relationship. But old habits die (ha) hard (double ha).

The Seacretor - Three “friends” are off on a yacht when all of a sudden they are on a deserted island. When their only option is to drink “tree jizz” or die of thirst, dehydration becomes the least of their worries. And for the super freaks of us, there is a bit of dendraphilia. wink

Threesome - Karla and Blake have a decent sex life but it gets better when Karla wants to bring in another woman. But with the ultimate fantasy comes (ha) a bit of familiarity. Will there be enough of him to go around when they do the scissors?

Divine Red - Rob has obsession at first sight, with Anna, in an elevator. His buddy and co-worker, Alec, sees her at a place called Painfreak, Rob shows her how far he is willing to go to prove his feelings.

Down There - Kendra and Russell are the new kids in tow when they befriend, Gwendolyn. Deep in the woods behind their house, a legend is held of the Woodsman who demands offerings. Is this just a silly neighborhood story or a warning of things to come?

Junk - Nick likes to show his dick on camera to unsuspecting people, especially women. But when he is the victim of “cock and awe”, things get a bit messy.

Angelbait - Michael, Isabella, and Tilda are in a bit of a religious pickle. Otis is hunting angels and has some plans for these three “saints” and Simon. Simon is such a helper. DO NOT EAT BEFORE READING THIS. You are welcome for the warning.

Orificially Compromised - Porter has a thing for Ella but Ella has a thing for Dr. Obrist — kinda. When sex toys seem to good to be true, they usually are.

Temple of Amduscias - Olivia goes back to Naughton for a clearing of the mind trip. While wandering a long forgotten antique shop, she meets three geo-cachers. As they explore the antique store together, one door will change their lives forever.

Last Time at Thanksgiving - The narrator brings his college roommate, Kendall, to Thanksgiving with his family. Kendall doesn’t really fit in with his inappropriate jokes but those turn out to be the least of the narrators concern when they are charged with taking Grandpa back to the nursing home.

TM is Ryan’s second collection, the perfect follow-up to GENITAL GRINDER. But what is shown in this collection is his growth; growth as an author and personally. Each story has his trademarks; Easter eggs, clever wit, hilarious dialogue, and insane gore.

But it feels mature, as though he knew what worked in GG and classed it up a bit. I mean, tree fucking, threesomes, and “cock and awe”? Some things will always be.

My #1 book of the year (since May of last year), a DOUBLE OF THE CHARTS RECOMMENDATION 20/5. 



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