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03/07/2024 The Mort Report

Mort is back this week with his review of THE OLD LADY by Kristopher Triana.

Kristopher Triana is a favorite in the indie world and THE OLD LADY is his newest release. Be sure to check out this one and his many other novels at his website or on Amazon.

Links below!




By Kristopher Triana

My preference in horror has always been the type of stories where the monsters are very much other human beings. While supernatural has its place, the tales that really get under my skin are the ones firmly grounded in reality.


And as far as this story goes, it ticked all the boxes and more.


You do not have to be in a war to get PTSD, but if you push the wrong person with this affliction too far, a war is exactly what you are going to get.

The old lady managed to escape her father, but she is forced to come back one more time after his death. And when some bad men with some bad intentions crosses her path, they are about to learn a very valuable lesson about survival…the odds are against them.


This is survival horror at its absolute best.

For my personal taste, there is nothing I would have wanted differently in this story.


5 Awesome-sauce stars!


Kristopher's Website:

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