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05/04/2024 Saturday Special Report

Just a few quick updates today! Lots to do! Lots to come!



Publishing House News

  • WHERE THE DEAD DON’T DIE by Ronald J. Murray-Look for those ARCs to be on Net Galley by Monday, May 6th!

  • OLD TOO SOON by Brian Bowyer-Look for this relaunch by next Friday. The digital version will be live by Wednesday, and I expect the paperbacks to go live by the weekend.

  • CREMATED REMAINS / DREAMWHISPERS/ CUCKOO are available in the shop now. Signed via bookplate and ready to ship.

  • EPISODES OF VIOLENCE by David Bernstein-also available in the shop, signed via bookplate and ready to ship.

Massive shoutout to the Uncomfortably Dark Street Team members!! Your help in sharing posts, reviewing, and shouting about our releases is a huge help to all of us! We really appreciate your time and efforts!

Street Team Members:

Sally Feliz-Matt Vaughn-Warn Iverson-Chris Caresle-Lisa Lee Tone-Corrina Morse-Samantha Hawkins-Sean Stanford-Mike Rankin-Zach Martin


 Candace Nola News

  • ZIPPERS is now in the shop and ready to be signed and shipped with a special ‘zipper’ bookmark!

  • ZOMBIE DUCKS is live on Godless and Amazon, in both digital and paperback formats. I expect copies to be in by month's end for the shop.

  • SHADOW MANOR will be released on Amazon June 15! All patrons will be receiving this in paperback by the end of May.

  • MOLOCH has started on Patreon! Make sure to join up to read this story as it is written. I expect this one to be a longer novella, around 35k words!  Don’t miss it! All Patreon tiers have access to this story and receive a free copy when finalized.

  • All other Nola books have been restocked in the shop and are ready to be signed and shipped!  



Review Team Stats

Month of April:

Reviews: 33

ARCs: 2

Pages: 7,015


Year to Date:

Reviews: 132 

ARCs: 13

Pages: 22,892!


Huge thanks to the Uncomfortably Dark review team!! I couldn't do any of this without them!

Review Team:

Christina Pfeiffer-Chaz Williams-Rachel Schommer-Sonja Ska-Christopher Besonen-Ali Jane Sweet



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