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05/24/2024 The Mort Report Reviews CREEP OUT By Jeff Strand

New Review from The Mort Report this week! Enjoy!



By Jeff Strand

Very original take on ventriloquist dummies.


I feel kind of conflicted on this one, to be honest. There was a depth to this one that outweighed the usual comedy horror that only Strand can deliver, because it actually delves a little deeper into a psychological side. And, while it was absolutely necessary for the journey of this story, I felt the pace was slower than I am used to from this author.


I can’t take anything away from the writer about the story itself. Though it took me a while to get into it, when the pieces started falling in place, I enjoyed it.


I can recommend this to the usual Strand fans with a warning that it is a little different than what you might expect, so make a mental adjustment that it starts off slower than usual.


4 stars

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