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05/31/2024 The Mort Report Reviews The Perfect Victim by David Sodergren

New review from Mort Stone this week!




by David Sodergren

This is one of those authors I have been meaning to read for a few years, but never seemed to find the time.

That was a mistake – this story hit the spot…the right spot…the g-spot (great-spot, you perv!).


Sixteen-year-old Katy Ketcher has a rich, successful father.

Making her the perfect victim for a kidnapping and ransom scenario.

But if a group of misfits aren’t that close, even the best thought out plan can go haywire in the end – and that makes it interesting.


The one possible flaw of the story was that Katy felt a little more mature than sixteen in her actions, but it didn’t detract enough from the story to influence my rating. I love revenge stories and I love horror that doesn’t need a supernatural element to make you uncomfortable, so there is not a single thing I would have wanted the author to do differently here.


Highly recommended for horror fans.

5 Stars

Order Here:

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