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08/26/2023 Sonja Ska Reviews

Inside Out

by Lor Gislason

Inside Out by Lor Gislason is the perfect primer for those interested in exploring body horror or anyone who likes having a wet, pulpy, and bloody time. 

Told through interviews, VHS recordings, and written transcripts, Inside Out is a found footage meat fest that follows interconnected stories following a mining-induced apocalypse. Readers are introduced to the threat in segments at different stages of the outbreak, and while each story is uniquely its own, a gooey, flesh-filled connective tissue ties everything together as a whole. 

Inside Out is perfect for readers who want to squirm at the almost heave-inducing wetness of this collection. I honestly never thought I'd be able to hear the dripping droplets of a wet tongue, but here I am, unable to get them out of my head. As with any collection, I'll add the disclaimer that some segments stand out more than others, but there really wasn't a story that didn't make me feel a slight lurch in my stomach. 

If you want a gory, fun time, don't hesitate to pick this up. 


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