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2023 Top Reads from the Uncomfortably Dark Review Team

Since it is year-end, we are posting our top reads from the review team, rather than Missed Releases! Of course, if you missed any of these great reads, please add them to your TRB and Wishlist's today!

We posted Christina Pfeiffer's Top Ten list last Sunday so be sure to check that out. Today, you will see the top reads from the rest of the team including new junior editor, Ali Sweet, who will be working with the 360 Editing Team this year as well as taking over the Haunted Locations posts on Wednesdays!

Uncomfortably Dark wishes you all a wonderful New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year, no matter how you celebrate, be safe, be kind, be grateful. Can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for us all!


Sonja Ska's Top Reads of 2023!

1.Scourge Between the Stars by Ness Brown

2.Prettiest Girl in the Graveyard

3. Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz

4. A Blackness Absolute by Caitlin Marceau

5. Linghun by Ai Jiang

Honorable Mention: Bluejay by Megan Stockton


Rachel Schommer Top Reads of 2023!

1. Cuckoo by M Ennenbach

2. The Things We Bury by Philip LoPresti

3. Smilin’ Sam’s Corn Maze by Stephanie Perry Scissom -

4. Bishop by Candace Nola -

5. The Patient Routine by luna rey hall


Christopher Besonen Top Reads of 2023!

  1. Dead Girls And Dead Things Anthology-

  2. The Unicorn Killer by Candace Nola-

  3. Unmasked by Candace- Unmasked: A Dark Poetry Collection eBook : Nola, Candace: Kindle Store

  4. The Obituaries Collection: Volume 1 by Aron Beauregard, Daniel J. Volpe and Kristopher Triana-


Chaz Williams Top Reads of 2023!

1.Bunker Dogs by Gage Greenwood-

2.The Warrior Retreat by John Lynch-

3.Linghun by Ai Jiang-

4.The Unicorn Killer by Candace Nola-

5.…And Nobody Knows It But Me by Megan Stockton-


Ali Sweet's Top Reads of 2023!

1. Beldam of Oz by Kelvin VA Allison

2. Cuckoo by M. Ennenbach

3. The Suffering by M.J. Mars

4. The Unicorn Killer by Candace Nola

5. Puzzle House by Duncan Ralston

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