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Oh, look. I have six more books for your TBR!

You’re welcome. Consider them early Valentine’s gifts… as you probably won’t get anything else.

Let’s jump into these lovable stories.



By various

Every year, Blood Bound Books impresses me more and more with the quality of their anthologies. And friends, this year is no different. The TOC (table of contents) is a banger, and every story is as well. There’s a lot so let’s jump in.

A Grieving Process by Chase Will - When Paul’s girlfriend dies, he thinks the grief in his heart is the worst part… he is wrong.

The Cunning Linguist by C.M. Saunders - Jessie LOVES pleasing women; it’s definitely hiss kink. But when STDs become the least of his wearies. He realizes the hold between women’s thighs a little too late.

Lady Torment by Jay Wilburn - Winston doesn’t have luck in the alive parents' departments and it just gets worse when he finds Mom’s video tapes.

March 3rd, 20 — by John Wayne Comunale - The narrator just wants to poop in a dive bar bathroom, but a mistaken identity will be the cause of more than a little discomfort.

You’re Mine Now by Rachel Nussbaum - Simon and Yates have found themselves in quite the pickle together. While they make it out alive or both be forced to repay Simon’s debt. (My favorite of the anthology.)

Self-Reporting by Stephen Kozeniewski - Ted is trying to hide something from his family and when his son, Henry, comes how early, all hell breaks loose. Snitches get… stitches?

The Chiropractor by Aaron Thomas Milstead - The narrator or shadow shifter is an unlicensed chiropractor that bamboozles idiots. But Maw Maw wants Paw Paw back and she will do anything to make that happen.

PDF by Lucas Milliron - Jacob and Ethan have lost more than their fair share but Jacob has a bit of an unhealthy obsession that may not be curable.

Parts by Argo Gorevin - The narrator cleans up messes for a living and what she does with those messes and the friend that helps should be the concern.

Lick Your Fingers by Chris DiLeo - (from my notes verbatim) “… Um… Jesus Christ. That’s the review.”

Eye of the Beholder, a Parable by Lucas Milliron - (again verbatim from notes) “Fucking Milliron and eyes…. No. … peanut butter cooter.”

A Moist Day at the Pool by Lucy Leitner - I will never go in a pool again. Thanks, Lucy.

Teeth by Megan Stockton - this story really puts a damper on the dating scene.

While there isn’t a bad story in the bunch, there were standouts: Self -Reporting, Lady Torment, and Eye of the Beholder, a Parable, and You’re Mine Now being my personal favorite.





By Justin Woodward

Man, oh man, oh man. You want a Splatterwestern, by God, Mr. Woodward satisfies that want real quick.

Something has come to Sheriff Thomas Creighton’s town, and it is not welcome, that’s for sure. When poor Geraldine is found murdered in the middle of the town’s street, things go from bad to worse as the body counts racks up and time is almost up. A battle between young blood and old, no one is safe, and secrets will come to light that stayed in the dark.

Holy shit, friends. I have read almost all of the Splatterwestern’s at this point and Mr. Woodward has pushed everyone else down a spot. This is the best one yet. The way Woodward drops the reader in the middle of the story and yet provides exposition without feeling like it’s obvious was impressive. From the depth of all the characters to the world building itself, DHP (Death’s Head Press) has a surprise winner on their hands.

I’m completely obsessed with this story and Mr. Woodward’s writing. I can’t wait to see what is next for him.





By Elton Skelter

Elton Sassafras Skelter! I’m not supposed to love people who hurt me yet every damn time I read one of your books, you do. You hurt my soul and I can’t stop reading you. NEXT OF KIN is the latest in making me weep.

Jacob has a secret. A secret that has been going on for a very long time. Nathan knows about his secret and is willing to risk his life to stop Jacob. But… what happens when everything you have planned goes up in flames and all that’s left is the unknown?

Elton pulls in the reader immediately with his Chandler Morrison/Bret Easton Ellis prose. And if you know me, I don’t compare anyone to Morrison. He’s elite but if someone WAS to be compared in prose and nihilistic characters, it’s Skelter. He nails it in this novel between different POV shifts and the reader’s inability to see the ending.

Not a shocking star rating: A HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 5/5.




By Bobby Nash

I love westerns, it’s pretty obvious and DANTE’S TENTH is no different. Comprised of three short stories, Nash introduces us to some of the townspeople and the insane goings on.

Dante’s Tenth - Tobias and Emily were destined to be together the moment Tobias laid eyes on her. Her and the Archibald family are being interviewed as they are new in town. A seemingly innocent walk around the Archibald’s property exposes deadly secrets in Dante.

Shadows on the Horizon - Doc Bran was just enjoying his semi-retirement until three shifty men pulled him straight out and back into more than treating people.

Rattled - Jim Bonner had two easy tasks; stake Mr. Hudson’s new property boundaries and find a water source. While Jim didn’t find water, he finds something that rattled him.

I cannot WAIT to continue the series with DANTE’S SHOWDOWN. Nash has a way of making the town of Dante seem so real. I want to know more about all the side characters and luckily, I have another one to read. (Watch for that review next week.)





By RJ Roles

If someone has the audacity to say, “zombie books are overdone”, that is toxic behavior, and they need to be immediately cut out of your life. IMMEDIATELY. Because they haven’t read books like NECRONADO that prove zombies still reign supreme.

Sheriff Shipley and some ragtag residents have some cleaning up to do after two kids summon a tornado… that brings people back to life… you know, zombies. Can a marriage in shambles, a prepper and his ex-girlfriend, a trash neighbor, three kids and a whore save the world? Not if the NECRONADO has anything to say about it.

This book is just plain fun. You find yourself laughing and getting upset at every turn. With a bunch of indie horror names thrown in the mix, as well as extremely thoughtful homages (some authors need to take notes on how it’s really done), it feels more personal. But Roles also surprises by playing with the common zombie tropes and becomes a bit meta which adds to the brilliance of this novel.

If this is Roles’ debut novel, I’m ready for more Roles.





By Megan Stockton

I don’t even want to talk about this damned book. Megan knows why.


Seriously, though this book is a work of genius. I’m going to be honest; I don’t want to give you a synopsis. I want you to go in completely blind so you can be wrecked like the rest of us that have read it.

As Stockton changes POVs, the tension builds as the storm does. You can’t put the book down and you aren’t prepared for the events that are awaiting you. The reader feels the overly oppressive weight of the town’s fear of the storm as well as the past coming back to haunt them. It is masterful.

Again, even though she made me cry and I didn’t appreciate it… she did so many of the characters dirty. DIRTY I say!



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