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It’s bananas again this week for reviews so get ready for some fantasy, horror and a bit of extra shenanigans.

Let’s get into it.



SKAVENSLAYER (Gotrek and Felix #2)

By William King

Gotrek and Felix need money so what job do they take? Sewerjacks of course! When they stumble into a plot between the skaven (rat-men) and the higher ranking members of the court, all hell breaks loose.

This series… I cackle out loud at a dwarf with a red Mohawk constantly. The banter between Felix and Gotrek remind me of Abbot and Costello, perfectly timed and perfectly executed. Not only do the characters stand out but the world itself. Fantasy isn’t my bag at all and I’ve gone through four of these in a week! How King can get a gal who hates fantasy to devour them is beyond me. I only have 12 to go!

There isn’t a bad part to this book. It’s banter, action, plotting, banter, action, plotting, action, Thanquol (the annoying rat-man “mastermind”, action, banter. Or more simply, perfection.



DAEMONSLAYER (Gotrek and Felix #3)

By William King

Shocking… the next book is being reviewed too.

DAEMONSLAYER gives the reader more insight into Gotrek and his oath. Long story short, he has done something bad and taken an oath to fall in a heroic battle to atone for his sins. Well, why not go against a daemon!?

An airship is added to the story as well as Snorri Nosebiter, probably my favorite character besides Gotrek. Instead of a Mohawk like the other slayers who have taken the oath, he has three nails in his skull… I still can’t figure out how they don’t hurt all the time. We also are introduced to a love interest for Felix, Ulrika. (Not sure how I feel about her yet.)

This installment feels very steampunk to me and I loved it. The imagery and ability to conquer the story in my brain astounds me. I’m still trucking through the series so you KNOW it’s a good one.

Still a 5/5.



By Joe Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale

Dana and Jana meet at a signing and become best pals, well not really but they begin working together. Dana is a paranormal investigator/exorcist who also writes books. When she is tapped for an investigation involving her ex-boyfriend, Jana is hired on as a temporary assistant. An oopsie becomes a bloody battle for the soul of a loved one.

The Lansdale’s create an eerie and oppressive world with this story. The illustrations are horror whimsical (it makes sense when you see them, I promise) which adds to the creep factor. It’s a very quick written story and would love to see more from this universe.

A definite recommend 4/5.



“The Night People” from THE GAUNLET

By Bryan Smith

Olivia broke up with Andy and he isn’t taking it so well. But when he ventures out into the night, things get a lot worse. A wee bit confusing but I believe that’s supposed to add to the dread and fear of the story. 3.5/5


By Patrick Lacey

Four friends go into the woods to make a found footage movie. Cat town and its long dead inhabitants may be more than just lore. I found this story to be the weak link in the collection, unfortunately, but some will love the creep factor for sure. 3/5

“My Octopus Master” from DEAD AND BLOATED

By Stephen Kozeniewski

The narrator kidnaps a new sex slace who can do it all! Of course, she doesn’t talk so no complaining or nagging, she also can’t cook or clean. But what she can do makes up for it.  100% bizarro land. 3.5/5

“Hide/Invert: A Saga in Ten Reels” from THE DRIVE-IN: MULTIPLEX

By David Schow

Milicent and Bertram are stuck in a relationship rut and Clifford is splicing together an April Fool’s joke. But what happens when they become characters in The Drive-In? Super duper weird but so much fun. 4.5/5

“Blood Harmony” from THE DRIVE-IN: MULTIPLEX

By Chet Williamson

LET’S GET THE BAND TOGETHER will be something you do not say after reading this story. Ike drinks and starts to lose his voice after the comet hits The Drive-in. Forced to hunk down with other drive-in customers and his band mates, they start playing concerts… but - butts and stuff. My favorite out of the category. 5/5

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