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Updated: 5 days ago

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, nerds. I have a very eclectic mix of reviews today. Want dragons and hordes of bad guys? I got you. What about apps behaving badly? Yup. Vigilante shenanigans? Check and checker-arino. Shifty car salesmen? Indeed. Naked men covered in blood? But of course! I have all the bases covered and then some. Let’s get into them!


DRAGONSLAYER (Gotrek and Felix #4)

By William King

Technically, I finished these next two books last week but I didn’t want to bombard you with FOUR of the books when I tease you along this week.

This installment finds the reader battling with Gotrek, Felix, and so many new characters against the dragon and orcs. Look, I didn’t think I could handle this one but I’ll be damned if I couldn’t put it down. The banter is spice in this one as a new dwarf has a bit of a want for the ladies. One dwarf has a voice modulation problem and then there’s Malachi, Gotrek, and Snorri.

Looooved this one. (So far my favorite of the series.) 5/5


BEASTSLAYER (Gotrek and Felix #5)

By William King

We start this one in Praag as the Hordes of Chaos begin to close in on the once battled city. With all of the original characters all ready for action (some more than others… looking at you Bjorni), the blood will run but will it be the Slayers or the horde?

At the beginning, this was a slower start than the rest of the series but I kept reading. We actually get more back story on some of the characters and I love that. Not only that but the claustrophobia that King writes is remarkable. The battle scene… perfection!

Moving on to #6. 5/5.


CRAVE (Issues 1-6)

By Maria Llovet

Releasing October 1, 2024

This is REMARKABLE! Just putting that out there immediately.

A new app is taking the kids by storm. I say kids but they are college age. What does the app do you may ask? Well, it tells you how to get the person or thing you crave the most. Want old Rebecca in science lab? Tell the app and BAM! “Random” happenstances to them will lead you to your reward. But, watch out, not everyone/thing is compatible. Jealousy can rear its ugly head before you know it and set off a different chain of events.

I was so impressed by this! The authors/illustrators through you into the mix without a bunch of background and you learn as they do (which I absolutely adore). Bonus: there are some steamy ass sex scenes depicted. Spiiiiicy. And a lot of them.

You can read them individually now or wait for the whole series to come out in October. This is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read.




By Brian Garfield

A double feature! Most of us have heard of or watched DEATH WISH starring Charles Bronson but they were books first!

Paul Kersey has gone through two losses that no one should go through. But when the justice system is slower than a glacier, he decides to take matters into his own hands, literally. CPA by day, vigilante by night, will his thirst for revenge ever end?

These books were so damn well written. It has the psychological aspect as well as the moral questions that one has to ask themselves throughout the novels - could I take a life if it was for the better good?

The movie… Jesus. Bronson? How did that guy get to be an actor, lol. Be warned the movie isn’t much like the book. But you do get to see Jeff Goldblum’s ass so I mean, maybe there is a silver lining?

Both books are HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDS from this gal. 5/5.



By Ryan Hyatt

Hyatt ALWAYS delivers insanity in his stories. At 40 pages, there is so much happening and he knows how to pack a punch.

Look, car salesmen are shady, suppppppper shady but I don’t want to meet one from Rick’s Discount Auto Team. Something isn’t quite right with them and Officer Christopher Thompson and Officer Rita Mendoza find out all too soon just how not right they are.

Hyatt brings comedy, bizarro, and gore to life with this one. Ever wondered how a lizard could impregnate a human woman? Well, Hyatt has and you learn how too! LOT LIZARDS is NOT to be missed… but maybe just pass by the car dealerships before reading this one.




By Ash Ericmore

I haven’t reviewed Ash in a while and that’s a damn shame. Even on my grumpiest of days, his writing can have me cackling like I’m watching old school comedy specials. And NAKED AND AFRAID definitely made my day better.

Bod and Bliss are just meant to send a message. Don’t fuck with the Smalls family. But things get a little … hot, “REVERSE MOLOTOV!”… and the boys have to improvise. And improvise they do.

I can’t get into all the shenanigans that this short story has in it but the reverse Molotov, improvised clothing, and general Ericmore writing hijinx makes me wish it was longer. But really, isn’t that always my complaint?

A HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND from this Ericmore loving gal. 5/5.

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