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07/07/2024 Christina Critiques

Happy Sunday, friends! This week we visit Karak Kadrin, go on vacation in Louisiana, hang out with the Zodiac, and have to report to Human Resources.

Never fear! I will go along with you.

Let’s get into them.


ROAD OF SKULLS (Gotrek and Felix #13)

By Josh Reynolds

Ugh. This book. I knew it was too good to be true, the perfect series, but it wasn’t to be.

I really don’t know how to explain this one because well, it was confusing as hell for me. Maybe it’s a prequel to SKAVENSLAYER but things have happened that do not happen until later? Maybe it’s set in the 20 years that were between King and Long’s trade off? Is Snorri that we love the Snorri Biter from this book? I thought Karak Kadrin couldn’t be felled but it does…

See?! It’s so confusing! Sadly, Reynolds reallllly missed the mark with this one. He could have gone so many different ways and ended up at the perfect conclusion. Also, Gotrek NEVER would have given his axe up so easily… did he even read the last 12? I’m so mad, ha.

May the next one be better than this. A sad 3/5.



By Michael McDowell

Wow. Wow. Wow! I see why this is such a “must read” in the genre.

Simply put, it’s the story about a family who is on vacation after a friend passes and how their past and present collide. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

What McDowell does is pure precision. The feeling of isolation (both the people and houses), loyalty (to family and tradition), and the theme of tradition vs. modernity are the focal points of the novel. It’s supernatural to the point of fear. It’s not scary so much as it instills a fear in the reader. Think of what you know about ghosts then imagine a novel flipping your ideas on their head. As someone who lives with structure and expectations, this was the worst part and I LOVED IT!

Also, not much happens on the surface of the novel but if you look under the iceberg (think Hemingway), you have so much more to dig through.

Absolutely outstanding and what I wish more authors would do today.




By Jarrett Kobek

Most of us have heard of Zodiac, not the astrology nonsense but the killer. If you haven’t, this is a great book to jump into it with.

Kobek pulls a lot from Zodiac by Robert Graysmith, who at one time was the definitive lead on this unsolved case. But Kobek dismantles Graysmith’s research theory by theory. Filled with current forensic information, different points of view the police and Graysmith had blinders on to, and new code deciphers, Kobek takes over and it’s a wild ride.

So many questions and even less answers in the Zodiac case. Could it have been someone with multiple personalities? A military member/veteran? The man next door? The reader is allowed to be a part of the dissemination of new evidence and that’s the best part.




By Michael Shear

Mark has recently been fired and with the impending birth of his and his girlfriend’s son, he is desperate. After sending out a bunch of resumes and interviewing at multiple businesses, he finally catches a break at Sunshine Capital Life. The only probably is, he may have to sell his soul to work there. The boss is creepy and there may be a killer on the loose, but they doubled his pay, and benefits offer so what could possibly go wrong?

I wanted to love this one, I really did but it seemed a bit too rushed. The premise is great, but it just didn’t follow through. Also, the characters weren’t fleshed out or relatable at all. But even with all of that, it’s still a good read. There are a few laughs to be had and it has to do with demons and Hell.


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