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Christina’s Critiques

Happy Sunday Funday!

I have zombies, cannibalism, some Southern hospitality, and a western to tell you all about.

Let’s jump right in!



edited by Robert Poff

Let’s start off with the banger list of authors in this project: Matt Wildasin, Robert Poff, Nathan Ludwig, Jess Eppley, Rowland Bercy Jr., Dorian J. Sinnott, C.I.I. Jones, Donna Latham, Megan Stockton, Steve L. Clark, Anton Cancre, Cat Voleur, and David Simms. I mean, COME ON! Leave some cool for the rest of the anthologies, am I right?

Travis is just truck driving along eating his food from “Cow Patties” when he nods o and the tanker he is hauling leaks into a pig pen on Pig Farm. What can go wrong, right? When a band of misfits lives intersect in the zompig-ocalypse of the century, no burger is safe.

I hope you enjoy your first four pages of calm because after that it just amps up until the end. Even though this antho has thirteen different authors and thirteen very different styles, it works and it works well. It’s silly and heartwarming, thrilling and bloody. It’s like an “everything burger”, if you will.

There are standout chapters in it though. Matt Wildasin, Rowland Bercy Jr., Megan Stockton, and my favorite chapter and one I need more of from this author - Nathan Ludwig. Only one felt a bit out of place but it still worked so I have no real complaints.

A creative idea and fun short novella. A HIGHLY RECOMMEND 5/5.




Edited by K Trap Jones

I have been anticipating this for MONTHS and I was not disappointed. There are 17 stories so I’m only going to highlight the 10/5 stories here.

Sweet Pea by Kristopher Rufty - Summer and Luke are in a bit of a pickle when Clarice leaves them stranded on the side of the road. When a burlap sack faced man appears, who will be the first victim?

A Header Tale by Ed Lee - Dory Ann tells Marla about the tragedy that befell her sister and her baby and how injustices are handled in their neck of the woods.

Toad Juice by Patrick McDonough - Zelda likes toe-eds, they pop in her month. Her Scott and two other Scotts go out like a normal day to find more but Zelda is going for the biggest toe-eds of them all.

Genital Grinder 2.5 by Ryan Harding - It’s Von and Greg. No need for more. Just read it and connect with our beloved duo of insanity.

YOOFO by Christine Morgan - Riley and Clayton wanted to see some city boobies after homecoming but when something happens, will boobies still be seen?

Welcome to Clifton, TX by Eric Butler - Ryan, Melissa, and Justin are traveling to a Pearl Jam concert. Terrible music will be the least of their concerns tonight.

Back Road by Candace Nola - Miranda, Tyler, and Tara needs to find a place to turn around because they can’t find the taxidermist. Luckily, some helpful locals show them where it is.

Kiki by Gregory Norris - It’s hard for Kiki and her destitute Father because of his three other kids and them taking all of his money. What a life she dreams of if only she was his only child.

Tremble by Kasey and Joe R. Lansdale - Sometimes the most beautiful voice is a warning of pain and hurt. A stunningly written story.

3 Brother’s Creek by K Trap Jones - Three brothers are interviews by the local PD and a new detective. But when their Mom shows up… there will be hell to pay for everyone.

This is still a stellar collection of the most depraved authors out there and the stories I highlighted are worth the price of admission plus some.





By Shane McKenzie

This was my first novel by Shane and I was not disappointed. I had read his chapters in SIXTY-SIX STIRRUP IRON ROAD with a bunch of other authors and had liked his style so I was recommended MUERTE CON CARNE… and friends… well…

Marta and Felix are going to make a documentary at the border and have stopped for the night at a town close to the border. When a food truck turns out to be much more and people go missing…

You know. I’m not going to tell you anymore. It’s too good! It’s like if Mexican wrestling met Texas Chainsaw Massacre met Guy’s Flavortown. It’s a bunch of stuff all in one. The one thing I was most impressed by reading MCC was the ability McKenzie has for projecting imagery in the reader’s mind. The descriptions were some of the best I have read.





By Bobby Nash

Last week, I reviewed DANTE’S TENTH which was three short stories in the western mining town of Dante. This picks up a few weeks after when Heath Moore strolls into town and takes a liking to Ms. Elizabeth Perth.

Dante has many weird situations that can’t be explained and if they can be the town doesn’t want to know except Ms. Perth, the reporter for the town newspaper. When a stranger rides into town at the end of the planned takeover, no one will be safe.

How neat is this series!? The three shorts from the first one all come together in this novel and in the coolest of ways. I love the characters and the town itself. The idea of being caught in between warring sides but not exactly knowing what the hell is going on is fascinating to watch through the characters stories. I love this series. And I really, really hope we get more. hint, hint



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