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What proceeds is the exclusive interview I had with Jonathan Butcher and Michelle Von Eschen (Butcher) about their tell-all novel, MOTEL STYX, releasing TODAY!

Let’s get into their views on Merl/Veronika interview last week.



Jonathan, Michelle, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. After the interview with Merl and Veronika, I felt like you both needed space to answer or explain allegations they made against you.


1.) So let’s start with how are you two holding up? The book will release the same day as this interview so are you feeling nervous, worried, relieved?

Jonathan: I’m excited to have it ready to go and for more people to spend some time at Motel Styx. So far, the response from the readers has been fantastic, and I’m proud of this horrible little read. I think there are some people who don’t expect (or perhaps want?) much depth from an extreme book, but for those who do, I think that Michelle and I have really crafted something unique and detailed with this one.

Michelle: There is definitely a lot of relief around the release. We’ve spent two years crafting the book. It’s a lot of effort and we finally get to see it have its chance in the sun. I’m looking forward to reading more about what people think about the motel.


2.) Speaking on the release, has Merl, the proprietor of Motel Styx, attempted to delay or cancel this release? From my interview with him, the situation seemed extremely volatile.

Michelle: The nice thing about writing about something so controversial, is those closer to it are often too busy and consumed by much bigger battles. We are quite small fish to fry. Also, I’ve heard there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Our novel will only increase curiosity, if not interest, in this subculture.

Jonathan: So far, no one has tried to stop the book, and I doubt anyone will. It’s a vile, fun, engrossing tale that we’ve never tried to pretend is anything but exciting fiction born from our own twisted brains. If anyone ever fights back and tries to cancel it, they’ll just be fanning the flames and admitting that there must be a kernel or two of truth to the story. In my mind, it’s just the product of a LOT of research into real-life necrophilia and the death process.


3.) Did you both stay or did you have someone on the inside?

Michelle: The amount of information available online and through various media outlets allowed us to keep a safe distance. Even if we had the pleasure of an insider, we’d never share their name. Integrity is important.

Jonathan: I’d like to plead the Fifth on this one.


4.) With this release, are you and Michelle hoping to have the public outraged to the point of protesting to close the motels around the world or are you simply trying to educate future users of the possible pros and cons?

Jonathan: I’d prefer people to be entertained rather than outraged, but who knows what people will think? I think it’s an interesting extreme book, in that for the majority of the tale, the sex is consensual. I’d never try to educate folks on necrophilia – I think it’s more of a “find out for yourself” kind of paraphilia! I’m not encouraging it though…

Michelle: It has never been my intention to anger anyone. With the motel, and this concept of consensual necrophilia, it’s an undeniably intriguing world. There will be a natural interest in it, whether to gawk or admire. The book is simply a literary picture for others to do one or the other, or both.


5.) Have you tried going to the local authorities or had you been met with slamming doors?

Michelle: We aren’t vigilantes, we’re authors, and I think we’ve done the job we set out to do. We’ve exhausted ourselves poring over research, learned things we never expected, enlisted the help of experts, and at the end of it all, put out a solid book. Job done.

Jonathan: Yeah, we just watched two gross films about necrophilia, then immersed ourselves in every podcast, documentary, and book on the subject we could. No authorities needed – just straight facts!


6.) I know this may be a difficult question but would either of you will your body to Motel Styx or the equivalent in your selected country?

Jonathan: Depends what those I leave behind have to say…or how much I think they need the cash. I don’t really care what happens to my body, or even to the bodies of those I love, as long as they aren’t publicly paraded for some necro-porn site. It’s just a pile of organic matter now.

Michelle: This is a tough question for me. I fully believe in organ donation, but I am not currently a donor. I haven’t been able to put my finger on what keeps me from it. With full body donation, I don’t like the idea of not knowing who a sexual partner is. Blind agreement to be a sexual tool bothers me. But that is ME speaking, and when I am dead, I won’t be there. It’s a strange one.


7.) And lastly, if you could say anything to Merl and Veronika, what would you both like to tell them?

Michelle: If it isn’t true, what are you afraid of?

Jonathan: Sup. Thanks for the inspiration and for giving us the opportunity to write about some of our sickest thoughts and ideas. Now make me a Rotting-Manhattan, please.


Again, I appreciate your time with this interview. I understand it must be unnerving with the possible threats of legal action and the detractors. Good luck with the release.


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