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Flash Fiction Friday: Inside by Chaz Williams

The glow of the streetlights illuminate the room as I stare in deep contemplation. I have been looking forward to this night more than anything, the nerves, the stress, the fear. It’s our first time together and I want it to be perfect. Your soft skin, velvety rich to the touch, is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, the smell of your perfume, that rich distinctive smell of lavender is my favorite.

The first time it filled my nostrils and I saw your face I knew you were the one. Walking into the room on that ice cold floor sends shivers up my spine as I look at you. You are perfection in every way possible, this is the night everything changes. Being inside of you is the start of my new life, my new journey.

All the others have served their purpose, they were what I needed in the moment but all disappointments to me in the end. I was too big for them, but you, my sweet Angel are the perfect fit. Walking towards you I now see you for what you truly are; my perfect vessel to deliver Justice to the unworthy swine that call themselves men. Surrounded by all the others in their rotten state of decay, we are ready. I slide inside of your skin very delicately. My hands fit inside of you like a pair of gloves.

My arms, one by one, slide through like the sleeves of a perfect coat. Each leg takes its sweet time filling up what use to be your long, luscious legs. I take extra care making sure I leave your form in its pristine condition. The men out there have to believe I am you; they took my love from me, and I will take all of them for it. The transformation is complete. Your skin looks perfect on me and now we have work to do.

Now we have men to kill; inside of you I won’t be stopped. Your sacrifice will be treasured forever. Looking at myself in the mirror, I give a sly smirk as I control our lips. We’re gonna have a long night…


Chaz Williams is a reviewer for Uncomfortably Dark and is known as ChazReadsHorror on IG and TikTok.

Find him at the link below:

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