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Flash Fiction Friday: Sleep Demon by Candace Nola

Today's Flash Fiction is SLEEP DEMON by Candace Nola.

Enjoy the nightmares.

The heaviness on my chest consumed me. Despair filled my being like quicksand, sinking further into my bones, turning the marrow to ice. My heart slammed against my ribs, and I gasped, struggling to breathe but no air entered my lungs. Fear paralyzed my body. The thing stared at me, soulless onyx eyes peered into mine, only inches from my face. I willed my eyes to close, but they would not.

I could not look away from the terror sitting on top of my body, pinning me to the bed as if I were no more than a rag doll. My body failed to respond, betraying me at the worst time. I stared, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. Resigned to my fate, I stopped wondering why and simply waited.

I had been running from this thing my entire life. The demon that haunted my every move, my every waking thought, rendering me an exhausted zombie, stumbling through life, alone and miserable. The doctors said I was fine. They said I need more meds. They said I was stressed. Damn right I was stressed, this thing was going to kill me eventually and I knew it.

Sleep paralysis my ass, this was more. Much more. Every night it got closer, every nightmare more intense, darker, deeper. And now, it was here. Right on top of me, waiting, giggling a shrill whispery laugh. The decay of its breath washed over me.

The claws on its limbs dug into tender flesh as the appendages flexed in anticipation. Droplets of saliva splattered my face as its mouth opened. Rows of teeth glistened wetly in the moonlight as it grinned, and grinned, and grinned more as it bent closer.


Closer still.

I screamed, inside, mentally, the only viable option I had available to make my fear known. The jaw opened. The ghoul fell upon me. Razor-sharp teeth sunk deep into my cold flesh. I felt the pain, the sudden burn, the blinding rush of blood in my ears, then blackness.

When my eyes opened again, I found myself here, perched on top of you, watching your eyes try to convey fear and panic as your heart raced beneath my claws.




Drool slid from my blackened lips as I bent lower and opened my mouth, the scent of your flesh filling my nostrils as your blood filled my throat.

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