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Flash Fiction Friday: The Game Show by Chaz Williams

The Game Show by Chaz Williams

The crinkling and cracking of the leaves beneath her feet are the only noise filling the cool autumn night. Each stride taking her further and further away from the nightmare she woke up to. Her heaving breathing consumes her as her muscles work in overdrive, the lactic acid building up as she runs faster than she ever has before in life.

The things the human body is capable of when it’s life or death are truly incredible. It’s always these unfortunate circumstances where a person learns their true colors and what they are really made of. As she rounds a bend in the heavily wooded area, her foot snags on a branch protruding from the ground. The momentum of the fall slams her body into the ground like a tree meeting its unfortunate end at the hands of a lumberjack. Dazed and foggy as her visions blur, she sees the figure approaching her.

The pure adrenaline rushing through her veins is enough to make her heart explode within her chest. A welcome end to whatever torture awaits her at the hands of this mysterious stranger hunting her in the woods. Their boots crush the earth with each step. The distance shortens one by one until the figure is right on top of her. A hood and the darkness of the night keep this gigantic man cloaked in a veil of secrecy and wonder.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” The woman yells at the top of her lungs. Hoping anyone within an ear shot can hear her pleas of desperation.

“It’s either you or me. Nothing personal.” The figure says in a deep husky voice as he pulls a snub nose River Magnum from the waistband of his pants. The metal of the barrel of the gun glistening under the pale moonlight as the man aims at the woman on the ground. Stuck in this moment of pure dread, the woman closes her eyes, accepting her fate that this is where it all ends.

“I’m sorry,”

The man whispers as his finger begins to pull back the trigger. A sudden splash of blood sprays across the woman’s face as the man falls to the ground before her. Opening her eyes, she sees an arrow through the man’s skull.

“You’re next darling.” A sinister laughing voice speaks from the darkness. The woman snaps back to reality as she grabs the gun from the dead man and continues her fight for survival throughout this forest of the damned.

The two men watching this scene play out on the high resolution 8K monitors let out a great laugh as they bet on who will be next…


About Chaz Williams:

Chaz is a reviewer for Uncomfortably Dark Horror as well as Instagram and TikTok reviewer. Chaz is a new indie author just beginning his writing journey and he will have several releases coming out over the next few months that we are pretty excited for.

Learn more about Chaz at the link below:

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