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Haunted Location: Los Angeles, California

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s haunted object is the “Destiny Ring.”

This story would make Sauron smile.

The Destiny Ring or Valentino’s Cursed Ring was purchased by silent film star “The Latin Lover,” in a California pawn shop. Story goes that the shopkeeper initially refused to sell the ring because it was ‘cursed.’

Rudolph Valentino scoffed and bought it, anyway. Before procuring the ring, Valentino’s career was taking off. Everything he touched, movie-wise, was gold.

He was making a movie when he got the ring and experienced his first ever box office flop.

During one of his movies, Valentino fell and was rushed into surgery for misdiagnosed appendicitis. He, in fact, had a ruptured ulcer. He was wearing the ring when he died.

The ring was given to Valentino’s lover and suddenly her career ended. She also became sick.

Then, it went to a singer who was then randomly shot and killed. The next owner got hit by a truck.

A thief attempted to steal it from its next owner and was shot dead by the police.

The ring’s current location is unknown after being stolen by bank robbers but if you stumble across a silver tiger’s eye crystal ring, don’t touch it, and don’t wear it.

Happy Haunting and remember the rules, respect the owners, the property you visit, and the residents that roam there.

*Originally posted to The House of Stitched Blog/research-writing credit to Dark Rose of Uncomfortably Dark Horror.

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