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Haunted Locations: Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

*Ongoing reposts from the House of Stitched blog series.

Today’s location takes us across the pond to Gloucestershire, England, which was built in 1145. The inn was originally built as a home for slaves and workers that were working on the construction of St. Mary’s Church. The Inn also happens to sit on the Ley Lines, which are known sources of powerful natural energy that have long been used by those that practice magic.

Canals were built to divert water to the canal, which is said to have been the catalyst for the release of the Ley Lines energy. The Inn had many uses over the years, including home to a priest and a pub. In 1968, the Inn was made into a bed-and-breakfast by a new owner, John Humphries. While he was devoted to the bed-and-breakfast, a few short years soon showed that the Inn had become far too dangerous for regular guests. It is now only visited by ghost hunters, psychics, and paranormal researchers.

There are plenty of ghostly residents in the Inn, including the ghost of a witch that was hung in the 15th century, a black cat that haunts her room, and a young girl who seems to enjoy waving at new people. There are also violent spirits that roam these halls, several that have physically attacked visitors and John Humphries. An Incubus and Succubus also haunt the Inn, feeding off the hormones of visiting guests.

According to the stories, nowhere in this inn is a safe zone. Spirits are in the guest rooms, the attic, the kitchen and even the barn. They are centuries old demons, witches, ghouls, and the souls of the unfortunate that have died there.

You can still visit the Inn today, but make sure you know the history and are prepared for whatever you might face. These spirits are not friendly and are powerful enough to assault and attack at any time.

If you do choose to roam abroad, remember the rules. Respect the owners. Respect the property. Respect the residents. Happy Hunting!

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