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Haunted Locations: Houston, Texas

Haunted Elsa Doll

Welcome back to another weird Wednesday, where we explore all things, freaky, creepy, and haunted!


Today’s story brings us to Houston, Texas and a case of a haunted Elsa doll.


We are all familiar with haunted doll stories – Chucky for example - but I've never really thought about a modern-day, mass-produced child’s toy becoming possessed and tormenting a family. But the thought is terrifying.


This Elsa doll didn't terrorize the family in the same way that Chucky did. No knife brandishing or brainwashing, but it did repeatedly come back to the house after the family threw it away.


In 2013 the doll was purchased for one of the children and for two years, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The doll would say phrases and sing the popular song from the movie Frozen. Then suddenly, in 2015, the doll started to speak and sing in Spanish.


The family claimed that they never had to change the batteries once in six years and the doll would sometimes speak and sing, even when the doll was switched off. In 2019 they decided to throw it away and they put it in the garbage can out front, which was taken away the following day by the garbage truck. Two weeks later, one of the children found the doll inside a bench in the living room. The children all claim not to know how it got back in the house, and the mother believes them. The garbage was taken away, and she can’t picture the kids going out in the night, to rummage through the garbage and bring the creepy doll back inside. Before they threw it away, the doll would switch back and forth between English and Spanish, but upon its return it would only speak and sing in Spanish.


After finding the doll back in the house, the family was thoroughly creeped out. So, the father double wrapped the doll in its own garbage bag and then put it at the bottom of the garbage bag in the can out front. The garbage was collected and taken away, again, the following day.


The family wiped their hands of the whole thing and went on vacation. Two weeks later, after their return, the daughter was out in the yard, playing, when she came running in yelling for her mother. She had found the doll propped up against the house in the backyard.


The family knew it was the same doll because it had distinctive markings on it from when the daughter had drawn on its body, years before. They were so freaked out that they called a friend in Minnesota who agreed to take the doll off their hands. They mailed it with no return address, and it successfully reached their friend. Although he doesn’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural, he secured the doll to the front bumper of his jeep with extra strength tape. He told the mother that he would tweet her if it every got out.


Since finding its new home, there have been no updates.


There are theories that it must be a prank someone is pulling on the family, but they don’t understand how someone is going to the landfill and retrieving the same doll and bringing it back to their house. And even if they are, who would do such a thing? The mother just wants to go back to being a normal mom, wife, and violinist, and doesn’t want to be forever known as “the haunted doll lady.” I don’t blame her, and I hope Elsa stays away!


Prank or not, I have no interest in visiting the family or their friend in Minnesota and would like to stay far away from that doll. I advise you to do the same. I think we should all just let it go…


As always, if you do choose to go hunting, remember the rules:




RESPECT THE RESIDENTS (especially the dolls!)


Until next week weirdos, keep it creepy!






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