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Haunted Locations: Route 2A, Haynesville Wood, Maine

“A Tombstone Every Mile”

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s location takes us to the land of lighthouses and lobsters, the state of Maine.

If the frigid waters, dangerous weather conditions, and upwards of 11 haunted locations aren’t enough to frighten, and terrify you into staying away from this place, then maybe a drive up to Haunted Haynesville Woods will do the trick.

Many locals can attest that once you hit a certain spot in Maine…there’s not much by way of population. Enter, Aroostook County, where Route 2A resides. Route 2A is one of the most haunted areas in the Pine Tree State. In fact, the site is so infamous with its highway haunts that former trucker turned singer/songwriter Dick Curless wrote a song called "A Tombstone Every Mile," inspired by the lonely stretch of road.

The route itself is composed of perilous S-shaped curves, a 90-degree turn buried deep in the woods, and once winter hits, supremely treacherous traveling conditions. A plethora of truckers have lost their lives following this road but they're not the only ones.

What or who else haunts this stretch of asphalt? There are reports of a distraught woman appearing in front of your car or running frantically along the side of the road only to vanish into thin air when travelers get close.

Little girls are common hitchhikers and disappear just as frequently as they pop up. The Flesher Witch, an old woman with a melted face will steal your face, induce insanity, and cause you to meet an untimely end.

If you wish to read more about Route 2A, you may do so at the links shown below. As we conclude our visit to the ruinous road of rage and woe, if you should choose to take a midnight drive, remember the rules. Respect the property. Respect the owners. Respect the residents. Safe Travels!

Learn more at the link below:

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