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Horror Happenings: News from Tenebrous Press!

I have a couple of announcements to bring to your attention today. First up, we have an announcement from Tenebrous Press and second, two Kickstarter campaigns that just might pique your interest.

Check them out and click the links to learn more.



Dread Stone Press is shuttering its doors, but founder Alex Ebenstein is bringing his SPLIT SCREAM series of paired novelettes to Tenebrous and continuing on as Editor; the next volume releases on Halloween day and features new fiction from Holly Lyn Walrath and D. Matthew Urban, and illustrations by Echo Echo.

Future reprints of the first three volumes of SPLIT SCREAM will fall under the Tenebrous umbrella as well.

In the meantime, all remaining stock of Dread Stone Press titles are still on sale, and all proceeds are going to The Maui Strong Fund to help folks hurt by the devastating Maui wildfires. Pick up books from Dread Stone Press here.


DEATH IN THE MOUTH: Original Horror from the Margins, vol. II

Edited & Curated by Sloane Leong and Cassie Hart.

In reading Paula D. Ashe's newsletter this week, I saw a Kickstarter campaign that really needs to be on everyone's radar. I hope Paula doesn't mind my giving it a boost here.

From the Kickstarter Page:

DEATH IN THE MOUTH: Original Horror from the Margins is the second installment in our horror anthology series showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world. It will feature 20 stand-alone prose stories spanning from the mythic past to the far future, cross between real and fictive worlds, and explore unique and unsettling manifestations of horror. Each story will also be accompanied by an original black and white illustration by a unique artist. There are a ton of incredible authors invited, fantastic perks and add-ons, and more!

Please check out the campaign and all it has to offer at the link below:

Be sure to sign up for Paula's newsletter here:



An Anthology of Diverse Cosmic Horror from Raw Dog Screaming Press

This Kickstarter is being brought to you by Raw Dog Screaming Press and is fully funded. This anthology is jammed-packed with some of brightest talents in the industry today and is being edited by Vaughn A. Jackson and Stephanie Pearre.

I am announcing it again today to put it back on the radar for interested authors as there is to be an open call submission for this anthology. Be sure you are following this campaign to get all the details.

Check it out here:

More on Raw Dog Screaming Press here:



Do you have news? Want us to help share it? Let us know! Use the "Contact Us" form on to tell us your Horror Happenings!

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