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Horror Happenings: News from Uncomfortably Dark-CUCKOO & VENUS

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

This week, CUCKOO, from M Ennenbach comes out on Friday, September 1, 2023. This has been a long time coming and is launching to rave reviews. Pre-orders are underway, the paperback will be live for orders on Friday through Amazon. Physical copies can also be ordered through the website and will be shipped with signed bookplates and bookmarks by the end of September.

Story Synopsis:

Have you ever been in love? Truly, madly, deeply? Only to lose it?

Your tether suddenly snapped. How broken can you become?

And how can you ever hope to piece yourself back together?

This is a love story.

Early Praise for CUCKOO:

“Every once in a while, you come across that book you wish to hell you’d written yourself; Cuckoo is that book for me.” – Patrick C. Harrison, III, author of 100% MATCH and GRANDPAPPY

“Cuckoo is evidence that there is real magic in this world. But Ennenbach reminds us that magic is a double-edged sword. Masterpiece.” – Chris Miller, author of DUB-TOWN BLUES and THE DAMNED PLACE

"Ennenbach has crafted a timeless love story and a trippy psychological frightfest, all lovingly wrapped in the kind of painfully beautiful prose that begs for a second read. Heartbreaking and harrowing, CUCKOO heralds' tremendous things to come for this author."

- Brennan LaFaro, author of the Slattery Falls trilogy

Links for that are below:


VENUS by Candace Nola released last week on Godless and is now also available to order on Amazon in eBook or paperback. This is a cosmic horror story short and is only a prequel to a much longer story coming later this winter.

Story Synopsis:

"A chance viewing of celestial magic through the Hubble, turns into the chaos of a celestial body in shades of pink and green, here on Earth. Her name is Venus, and she is desire."

You can find it at the links below.


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