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Meet Dark Disciple Christopher Besonen

First and foremost, thank you to Candace for this opportunity to share my thoughts on the books I am reading/have read. I met Candace through the Books Of Horror group on Facebook. I originally came to that group to promote my first novella attempt, completely unaware that any Horror existed outside of the four or five big names in the genre.

The first book that I tried ever in the Indie community was “Behemoth” by HP Newquist, shortly after it was “Hank Flynn" by Candace Nola. I had read Horror most of my life, but as mentioned above, only knew the top names. I quickly found that the Indie community could rival the only authors I knew of. I’ve been hooked ever since, and doing my best to promote the books I love to help my fellow writers get their work seen.

This reviewer path seems like the obvious evolution for me, and I am thankful to be a part of Uncomfortably Dark. My primary focus for reviewing will be “Dark Poetry" and “Religious Horror". However, I am open to most subgenres, as long as the theme doesn’t get gross with bodily functions, so get those review requests in! I try to read as much as possibly given my limited spare time and legal blindness battle but am trying to dedicate myself a little more to reading.

If you like “Religious Horror” or “Bizarro Fiction", my books may entertain you. My novellas are “fever dreamish", and my short stories boast as “no two being alike". Check me out at

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