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Random Review Friday: Donn, Tx by Eric Butler.

This week I pulled an older review from Dark Rose, our behind-the-scenes disciple, for a series that is still current and a lot of fun. The Donn, Tx series by Eric Butler is great for Spooky Season.

Who doesn't love a creepy scarecrow and menacing crows?

If you have not yet checked out Donn, Tx, allow us to introduce you.


Donn TX 2002

In case you needed even more of a reason to avoid TX - this would be it.

The story centers on a town, Donn TX, that houses not one but two monsters - The Scarecrow & The Pale Man. The sheriff of the town & his sister are some of the few residents to try and keep the creatures at bay by offering human sacrifices. Enter, a rock band who is passing through after a gig.

I liked the rapidity of shifting perspectives. You start with the sheriff, a waitress of the local diner, some members of the band, the shifts are frequent enough to keep the pacing exciting but not too swift as to lose the reader. The author also manages to perfectly depict a range of emotions in a believable and sometimes laughable way. All in all, highly entertaining with some really decent twists.


Donn, TX1952

Jerry & Debbie stop at a Donn TX inn on their way to visit Debbie's ailing mother.

Debbie gets attacked by crows immediately.

Crows are evil lil' buggers and on the long list of things I will not perish from, birds are now at the top. I liked this short story because it highlights the intricacies of the Scarecrow's power.

And it's fun.


Donn, TX 1969

We follow Frank & Jane, along with two teenagers. Frank seems to be suffering from Vietnam-inspired PTSD. A car crash separates the teens from the adults & things get crazier from there.

This story was engrossing because it shows how far the townspeople are willing to be involved to make the 'quota' and it cements the age-old horror adage of staying out of the damn corn.

Some really great Texas Chainsaw vibes with this one.

Also, the ending...


Donn, TX 1865

"Run. Run as far as you can, for when The Scarecrow wakes, the harvest of blood begins."

Eli Larkin, on the losing side of the Civil War, and mad about it.

He comes back home to a massacre surprise & we get one hell of a creation story.

This was my favorite of all the Donn TX tales because we learn how the Scarecrow gets made.

I may have shed actual tears.


Donn, TX 1926

Starts at the inception of Donn being built.

I'm just going to offer a friendly word of advice...if the creepy scarecrow in the cornfield turns its head to look at you...maybe don't freakin' hang around. RUN!

The humans are the monsters in this story. I really detest Orville. The entirety of this story, from all the timeless perspectives, has the charm and nostalgia of an 80s horror movie.

5 rusty sickles for the series overall.


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