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Today's random reviews includes two recent reads that I absolutely loved. Jonathan Janz has been one of my favorite authors for many years and I absolutely loved listening to the audio version of EXORCIST FALLS!

Clay McLeod Chapman brings all the heartache with a healthy dose of crabs in his stunning novel, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER?

See my reviews below!



By Jonathan Janz

Terrifying, richly layered, and haunting, EXORCIST FALLS is an incredible story. The characters feel as real as anyone that you might know in life, your neighbor, your priest, your pastor. The family dynamics, the depths of the emotions, the escalating murders haunting the city all merge to create bone-chilling dread that will keep any reader on the edge of their seat. This is storytelling at its finest. Janz is a master of his craft and never disappoints.

Five Stars.


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By Clay McLeod Chapman

WHAT KIND OF MOTHER deserves all the hype it has gotten. From many WTF moments to some of the most disturbing descriptions I have ever read, creating the weirdest visuals my brain could conjure, to the achingly deep sorrow that is felt on every page, this is one hell of a read.

Take two people grieving the loss of a child in very different ways, a sensitivity to the world around them, and a whole host of small-town flavor and this becomes a story that you cannot put down but yet, do not want to end.

Five Stars.

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