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Random Reviews: Short Reviews from Uncomfortably Dark

Two more reviews from me this week as I try to catch up on my reviews from recent reading. Both excellent authors, Rebecca Rowland and Phillip Fracassi, have been making big waves in the industry and I cannot recommend them enough.

Rebecca's writing is beautifully descriptive, immersive, and haunting while Phillip pens instant classics like its second nature. Anything they write is well-worth owning. Check out my thoughts below.


White Trash & Recycled Nightmares by Rebecca Rowland.

The newest offering from Rebecca Rowland proves the absolute range of her work, from creatures to killers and everything in-between, nothing is off limits. Each story drips with ever-increasing dread that ushers you into a horrific gut punch of an ending, every single time. Kudos on a perfectly gruesome collection. 4.5 stars.

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Boys in the Vally by Phillip Fracassi

This one has been making the rounds for very good reason. A brilliantly crafted coming of age story that pairs the Exorcist with The Lord of the Flies in a most horrific merger of madness. The richness of the characters, the bleakness of the landscape acting as a character in its own right, and the rising horror that will leave goosebumps on your flesh and those hairs standing on the back of your neck even as you race, sitting perched on the edge of your seat, to finish the last pages, because you must. Page turner from start to finish. 5 stars.

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