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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Releases you may have missed - June 23-30!

I scour for new releases so you don’t have to! Check out the list and links below and grab a few new titles this week!


The Poisoner’s Last Ride: A Post-Apocalytic Love Story - Kenzie Jennings


Found in Apt. 1724, Osaka Tower Block, Southwest City 3:

Hello, Tenant,

Welcome to what used to be our apartment. If you intend to read on, then you should know the truth about what happened to us.

The annotated version: We couldn’t take living here anymore. We’ve been “Sector Auditors” (yes, Poisoners) for Southwest City 3 for some time now, and while our lifestyle has undeniably been better than the average Citizen’s, when you’ve a permanent target on your back due to your job, the only way you can survive on your terms is by living on the run out in the Wastes, and we’re willing to risk it, even if it means the end of our creature comforts…

…and even if it challenges our relationship with each other.

So, enjoy your time here while you still have it. We don’t envy you whatsoever.

In all sincerity,


Oct. 15th, Year 72 Post Res.

P.S. We’ve left a little bit of (real) cake in the fridge. Thought it would be nice to leave some for the new Tenant. Enjoy!


The Gauntlet by Bryan Smith


On a cold winter’s night, a pair of runaway lovers stop to refuel their car in a remote Pennsylvania town hours away from any major population center. The town has gone to rot after the death of its main industry, and the remaining citizens are kept in line by a powerful few who refuse to let the dwindling community die, no matter what the cost. The rare wayward travelers who come to the town are rarely ever allowed to leave, as the lovers discover when they are forced to play a deadly game of kill or be killed. A game called The Gauntlet.

Includes the never previously published bonus story “The Night People".


Temples, Tombs, and Terrors - Christine Morgan


Walk like an Egyptian… meet an old woman who creates servants for the afterlife;

...with an obsessed modern-day thief pulling a daring museum heist;

...alongside warriors of darkness confronting a monotheistic sun-cult.

Greece is the word… Athenian prostitutes advertise their services in a unique manner;

...when the Trojan War involves gods of a very different pantheon.

Rome if you want to…

...see how far an empress will go to secure her childrens’ legacy;

...visit an omen-reader faced with inexplicable dire portents.

Explore twisted history, myth-meets-Mythos, and more in this journey through Christine Morgan’s

TEMPLES, TOMBS & TERRORS: Tales of Ancient Times


Splatter-Saurus Rex - Brian Berry

Synopsis: It emerged from Polly's womb in a welter of gore.

Doctor Carter never stood a chance. Nurse Dorothy Cummings was the second to fall to its teeth and talons. And the hospital would fill with blood. Sheriff Mike Brundle and Deputy Charlie Ham were fast on the scene. What they found was a massacre that would pale in comparison to what was coming.


Head Blown: Anthology. Audible Version

edited by Merrill David


Featuring contributions from fabulous horror authors such as Heather Miller, Megan Stockton, Mike Ennenbach, D.W. Hitz, Matt Micheli, Chris Miller, Jay Bower, C Derick Miller, Bruce Cuttman, Eric Butler, Ruthann Jagge, Jason Nickey, Ben Chadwick, Chase Will, B.L. Blankenship, Kayla Krantz, Merrill David, and a foreword from Patrick C. Harrison III, this filthy collection of extreme body horror tales is not for those easily offended.

These stories contain common tropes used within the broader horror genre, as well as some characteristics more specific to the body horror subgenre, including pornography, invasion, contagion, mutation, transformation, disease, mutilation, or other unnatural or violent distortions of the human body.

Be warned: Listeners may experience feelings of terror through horror, sympathy through melodrama, or sexual arousal through pornography. With all of that being said, listen to this collection only if you dare to have your Head Blown!


New on Godless

Necro Sutra 2 - Kevin Sweeney

Infected Voices - Robert Essig

Boyfriend Material - Harrison Phillips

Black Gallery - Ash Ericmore

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